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EARTH IN 2017:

Earth 2017 was founded by Bill Roth to host the best practices used by CEOs, entrepreneurs and community leaders to grow businesses, communities and human/environmental benefits. Listen to Bill Roth’s NPR radio interview where he profiles the 21st Century mega-trends reshaping Earth in 2017.

We coach businesses to deploy proven best practices that win customers, grow product sales, increase brand equity and improve human/environmental health. Our coaching is proven to create measurable results within 90 days. One impressed client labeled our coaching as “The Secret Green Sauce.”

Featured Blog Posts

  • I was just called a watermelon on Facebook. Mirrors don’t lie. I must admit my bald round head does have a mellon shape. But they were not talking about my looks. Watermelons are people that are green on the outside … Continue reading
  • Reebok has banned soda at their U.S. headquarters. Is this a wakeup call for other businesses to be more involved on food issues impacting human health? Or is this a hornet nest that CEOs and business owners should avoid at … Continue reading
  • Millennials are driving a corporate social responsibility (CSR) revolution that is disrupting every company’s marketing strategy. For millennials, CSR is not an activity or organizational department. They view CSR as the foundational element for product design, function and end of … Continue reading

Key Links To Bill Roth’s Recent Coaching And Publications

Green Builds Business 11-City National Tour
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s program funded by Walmart
Huffington Post article on how coaching by Bill Roth through the Green Builds Business created jobs, profits and a difference!

Zero Net Energy And Title 24 Building Codes: CLICK HERE for Bill Roth’s summary review of California’s tsunami wave of building code revisions that target Zero Net Energy building designs and the reshaping of the real estate industry.

Five Steps To Winning A Green Supply Chain Contract published in Latin Business Today

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Amy du Pon, Global Head of Data Insights for Havas Media on the mega shift by consumers away from more, cheaper and now branding and toward meaningful brands that make a positive impact in their lives. Why you must watch this video? Only 9% of U.S. consumers would care if brands disappeared!!
Energy Central: Bill Roth’s market research analysis on Five Consumer Mega-Trends Threatening Electric Utility Revenues

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Over 100 exclusive video interviews with best practices thought-leaders including Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Walmart Director of Sustainability Jeff Rice, BMW Global Head of Marketing Uwe Drecher and Caesars Entertainment VP of Sustainability Gwen Migita. Here some of my most watched videos:
Interview with Ford CEO Alan Mulally
Walmart Sustainable Pricing Strategy
Nissan Leaf Acceleration At The Speed Of Electrons
Geoffrey Moore Tips On Crossing The Sales Chasm

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