10 Fattest States In America!

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Gallop just released a poll and the results are not pretty. 26% of Americans are obese.


  1. West Virginia
  2. Mississippi
  3. Kentucky
  4. South Carolina
  5. Louisiana
  6. Arkansas
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Alabama
  9. South Dakota
  10. Tennessee.

In West Virginia one out of three are obese. On average, 30.6% of the people in these ten states are obese.

What does this mean for these people? A much higher risk of being diabetic. The states with the highest percentage of people that are obese also face the highest levels of diabetes.

And that is hugely important because diabetes accounts for over $200 million annually in national health care costs plus it is a contributing cause for over a quarter million of deaths annually.

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017 and author of The Secret Green Sauce of best practices used by businesses and entrepreneurs for growing green revenues and reducing costs. He really contributes on topics tied to his Earth 2017 vision for a smart, healthy and green economy.

About Bill Roth

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017, author of The Secret Green Sauce and a nationally-followed contributor to Entrepreneur.com, Triple Pundit, The Green Economy Post and Media Post on best business practices emerging from the smart, healthy and green global economy. He coaches entrepreneurs, business and community leaders on how to grow revenues, profits and jobs by going smart and green.
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