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# 1 Fast Food City??

The South is the fast food capital of America. And with the growing appreciation that fast food is a primary source-cause of obesity and a major consumer of oil in the production chain from agricultural production through purchase then Birmingham, Alabama is the dubious winner of #1 in America. Continue reading

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Who’s Buying Organic Food?

Research by Scarborough Research, identified the following cities where the most adults have consumed organic food in the past month: San Francisco Bay Area Seattle/Tacoma Austin, Texas Denver Portland, Oregon San Diego Honolulu Washington, D.C. Boston LA What’s missing? … Continue reading

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The Millennial Generation, Concerned Caregivers and the “Sustainable CEO” are redefining what they buy, who they are buying from and who they trust. This can be your firm’s opportunity for growing revenues and building brand equity, or it’s most significant business risk. Continue reading

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