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Growing Millennial Generation Revenues

Marketing best practices for growing Millennial Generation revenues are increasingly gaining a “green” tint. Millennials define “Their Future” as their dominate influence driver. They want a world that is cool, that reflects their inputs and comes without the 20th Century’s … Continue reading

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Seeking To Grow Revenues: Digital Coupons!

The most recent survey found that 20% of American’s used a digital coupon in 2009. This represents a 170% increase in usage. The savings generated by these coupons almost reached $1 billion. Who’s using digital coupons? Here’s the top … Continue reading

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Dr. Letitia Wright: The Secret Green Sauce Is A California 9!

Dr. Letitia Wright, LA Business Book Review Examiner, wrote the following about The Secret Green Sauce: “This is a different way to thinking about the green market. Need a human resources plan? He covers it. Need to engage your CFO? … Continue reading

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