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Breakthrough Pricing! $200/month lease for Nissan All Electric Leaf

I spent two intense weeks talking to pioneering engineers and technologists showcasing their work at Plug-In 2010, the Always On Summit held at Stanford University and the Cleantech Open hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley. One of the most … Continue reading

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What Green Consumers Want To Buy!

Today’s businesses are being challenged by their customers to supply price competitive products that advance individual, family and community wellness. However, companies are struggling with how to evolve their operations and product offerings to meet this growing consumer expectation. A … Continue reading

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75+% Renewable Energy AND Competitive Prices

Marin Energy Authority of California is the first utility in the country to source over 75% of its electricity supply from non-fossil/non-nuclear generation. Further, it delivers this energy to homes and businesses at prices that beat the local utility’s price … Continue reading

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