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Quivira Winery: Organic Wine from Biodynamic Farming!

According to the USDA , the US has increased its use of nitrogen fertilizer by 450% to 13 million tons annually over the last 50 years. Phosphate and potash fertilizer use during this same time period has doubled, now totaling … Continue reading

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Selling To Wellness Customers identifies the rise of the “wellthy” as a major 2011 Consumer Trend. These consumers hold being in good health to be as important to their status as owning the newest or shiniest branded luxury item. The Hartman Group August … Continue reading

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Clif Bar’s President: The Link Between “Doing Right” and Competitive Advantage

Kevin Cleary, President of Clif Bar, outlines in this video interview with Bill Roth posted on Earth 2017 TV how his company employs five “aspirations” of performance to achieve superior results for the company, associates, customers and the environment. Continue reading

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