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Relative Strength: Price Of Sustainability Vs. Price of Unsustainable Products

Relative strength is a way of evaluating investments like stocks based upon “the speed and change of price movements.” It measures price momentum. The idea is to pick investments that have more strength in their price potential compared to other … Continue reading

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Staples Green Office Survey Results On Recycling and Energy Efficiency Lighting

Staples did  a really cool survey on Earth Day. They did a poll on the greening of the office that they promoted via their twitter feed @staplestweets. Listed below are the results. Two observations stand out. One is that among … Continue reading

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API Report: Gasoline Consumption Going UP With Higher Prices Highlights The Economic Requirement For Sustainable Solutions To Oil.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) reports a SURGE in gasoline deliveries at the very time gasoline prices are also surging. Can there be any better example that the United States must invest in sustainability to break its addiction to oil? … Continue reading

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Whole Foods Best Practices Growing Revenues With Sustainable Products and Packaging

This picture captures Whole Foods‘ strategy for growing revenues and competitive advantage. The picture is the aisle length display of rices offered at a Whole Foods store. The three key elements of Whole Foods’ success is capture in this merchandising … Continue reading

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The Problem Is Not Oil Price Speculation. The Problem Is No Energy Policy To End The United States’ Oil Addiction!

5% of Americans use mass transit in their daily commute. Burn that in your mind as most of us sit in our individual cars going bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic. Burn that statistic into your mind the next … Continue reading

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Green Box Top: Best Practice In Competitive Pricing Of Green Product

The market research is overwhelming, customers want to buy green but they don’t want to pay more to do so. Green Box Top is a Groupon like service that is a “missing link” in the maturation of green product marketing. … Continue reading

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Staples Global EcoEasy Challenge Winner: University of Cincinnati, The Environment and US!

I had the honor of serving as judge for the Staples Global EcoEasy Challenge held in Washington D.C. the week of April 11, 2011. This event was a global challenge offered to colleges and universities from around the world. 80+ … Continue reading

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