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China’s Gasoline Pump Prices Higher Than United States! Which Country Is More Committed To Cleantech and Electric Cars?

Who has a higher price at the pump, the United States or China? China! The average price at the pump in China is $4.50 per gallon. There is only one state, Hawaii, that comes close to this gasoline price per … Continue reading

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Winners Are: Staples EcoEasy Global Challenge, Lower Electric Bill And Cleaner Environment

Vampire power. Do you know what that is and what it means to your electric bill? Vampire power is the energy that we all waste everyday because our TVs, DVRs , computers or cell phones still consume electricity even when … Continue reading

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Serving As Judge In Staples Global EcoEasy Challenge: You Can Vote Too!

Staples is holding its 2nd annual Global EcoEasy Challenge. This is an international contest attracting college teams from around the world proposing eco-friendly office product design innovations. Here’s the list of finalists: Team Cyrus from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. They … Continue reading

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Gibbs-Soell Survey: Most Companies Have Only Added Green Efforts To A Team of Individuals Or One C-Suite Leader!

Companies are going green. 88% of business leaders report that their company has adopted green business practices. However, the depth of effort seems to only apply to a limited number of associates and maybe one C-Level executive. 75% of executives … Continue reading

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Path To Energy Independence And A Climate Change Solution? More Women Cars Buyers And Fewer Men Car Buyers!! TOP TEN Cars Bought By Women And Men. has conducted research on the difference between what type of cars women buy and what type of cars men buy. Here’s the top ten cars that have at least 50% of their customers as women: Volkswagen New Beetle Kia … Continue reading

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Tired Of High Gasoline Prices? Texas’ NRG Offers Flat Monthly $60-80 Per Month Price For Re-charging Electric Cars!

What are you paying at your pump this week to fill up? Probably around $40-$80 with today’s gas prices for regular at a national average of $3.75 and premium now almost universally at or above $4 per gallon. HERE THIS: … Continue reading

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Residential Consumers Are Going Green Saving Electricity BUT Are Buying More Computers and Consumer Electronics Increasing Their Home Electricity Consumption!

Here’s what going on in your home. You are cutting energy consumption by trying to use less. And you are buying Energy Star appliances. Here’s some facts: 35% of American households use caulking or weather-stripping to seal cracks and air … Continue reading

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