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Geoffrey Moore “Crossing The Chasm” Strategy For Winning Key Customers

Every start up company faces the challenge of winning that first customer. The typical strategy is to pursue as many customer leads as possible in a mass marketing campaign. The logic is that if you call upon 100 customers one … Continue reading

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Sustainable Solution For Restoring Jobs, Economy, Stock Prices and Human Health

We have tried the “Quick Fixes” and they have failed. Government efforts of throwing money at our structural problems have not restored our economy and jobs. The path to restoring our economy, jobs and human health is to address the … Continue reading

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$20,500 Electric Car From Mitsubishi!

Electric cars are coming to dealers near you. The question is, should you buy one? After testing driving the Mitsubishi i Electric Car and the Chevy Volt the encouraging answer is yes. These cars will provide us with energy independence … Continue reading

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