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Internet Video Designs That Win Sales

Transformational Consumers are a fast growing $300 billion consumer market segment actively searching for products that align values with value. In response to getting hit in their pocketbooks with a new economic tax created by global warming plus health fears … Continue reading

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How Global Warming Is Impacting Stock Prices

Heat waves and droughts magnified by global warming are exacting an economic tax on America‚Äôs middle class through higher prices and increased health care costs. Now this global warming tax is hitting the stock valuations of American companies. Global warming’s … Continue reading

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Global Warming’s Economic Tax Upon The Middle Class

Global warming can now be thought of as an economic tax on the middle class based upon a recent NOAA report found that 56 percent of the continental U.S. is currently experiencing drought. Drought enhanced by global warming is reducing … Continue reading

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BMWi Electric Cars: “Radical Innovation In Mobility”

BMW is launching a completely new business model for the car industry. They call it BMWi. Their goal is nothing less than “Radical innovation in mobility.” This video captures the excitement of the innovation BMW is pursuing:

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