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Walmart: “You shouldn’t have to pay more for sustainability!”

Walmart has embraced making sustainability price competitive. Walmart’s strategic plan is to increase the sustainability of all of their products while at the same time maintaining everyday low prices. Because Walmart is estimated to touch one out of every three … Continue reading

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How To Grow Sales Through Corporate Social Responsibility

“Consumers want it all,” according to Executive Vice President Jonathan Yohannan of Cone Communications. Consumers want competitive prices, they want product performance and they want personal solutions to their environmental and human-health concerns. Based upon the latest Cone Communications Corporate … Continue reading

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Did Hurricane Sandy Break Climate Science Silence?

News anchors are describing Hurricane Sandy as a once in a lifetime event. Climate science suggests it is only the beginning. The question is whether Hurricane Sandy is the climate change event that reawakens awareness by the media and consumers … Continue reading

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