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Are You Ready?

Are you tied of looking in the mirror and not recognizing who you see? You are not alone. We are all overweight. That is the stunning finding of my pioneering research. It is not you. It is not me. IT … Continue reading

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TubbyFandango Is Dead

Yes…we have lost TubbyF. He died 30 pounds ago. Gone is his handicap parking permit. He now walks (and runs) pain free. Gone is his plus size clothing. He gave them to GoodWill. The good news is that what we … Continue reading

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Our Low Carbon Economy Crossroads

Our country, and the world, stands at a crossroads. The technologies to deliver both sustained economic growth and reduced emissions have all been invented. These technologies now require a path toward mass economies of scale to enable their delivery of … Continue reading

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Cheat And Still Lose Weight

It is the Holiday Season and who among us can resist the pies, stuffing and beverages that we know will add weight? Not me! In fact, I plan to have a great time. Does this sound like a recipe for … Continue reading

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HR Directors Must Sell CSR To Win Millennial Job Candidates

New research by Global Tolerance found that 62% of surveyed millennials “only want to work for an organization that delivers social and environmental impacts.” Rosie Warin, Co-Managing Director for Global Tolerance, describes this as a values revolution in millennial generation … Continue reading

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