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New Research Proves That Sugar Is Toxic To Your Health

New research finds that sugar is toxic to our health. It is toxic not just because of weight gain. Sugar is a threat to our health due to metabolic syndrome. Our bodies are not made to ingest a lot of … Continue reading

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How Electric Cars Promote Weight Loss

No, the answer to how electric cars promote weight loss is not because they run out of electricity and you have to walk more. I have been driving the plug-in electric Chevy Volt for a week. While the Volt’s batteries … Continue reading

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How Technology Innovation Will Save Customer Owned Solar

Nevada became just the latest state where a public utility commission crushed the economics out of customer-owned solar. Their rational for doing so mirrors the utility industry’s mantra that solar customers are avoiding their fair share of a utility’s cost … Continue reading

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Having Fun Is First Step To Sustained Weight Loss

The very idea that you can have fun while losing weight sounds crazy. Losing weight is all about denial. It is about eating things we don’t like. It is about exercising and pain. WRONG. The breakthrough research in my new … Continue reading

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How Autonomous Electric Cars Will Reshape Business Auto Fleets

Autonomous electric cars are on the cusp of transforming business auto fleets. These smart cars will deliver a quantum leap in cost reduction. They will accelerate the shift to “mobility as a services.” Not unlike how smart phones have impacted … Continue reading

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