Americans consume 11.8 hours of information, a day!

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A UC San Diego study posted at “How Much Information?” has revealed exactly how intensely Americans have adopted the information age. The amount of text, images, audio, video, messaging, video games, etc. the average American consumer consumes PER DAY is equal to 100,000 words are approximately the size of the bible!

The study found that Americans consume almost 12 hours of information per day! It breaks down like this:
• Television: 4.91 hours per day
• Computer: 1.93 hours per day
• Radio: 2.22 hours per day
• Computer games: 0.93 hours per day
• Phone: 0.73 hours per day
• Print: 0.60 hours per day
• Recorded music: 0.45 hours per day
• Movies: 0.03 hours per day

Another amazing conclusion from this study is that the United States consumes approximately 34 gigabytes per day or 3.6 zettabytes in all of 2008. (a zettabyte is 1,000 exabytes. A single exabyte is 1 million gigabytes)

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