Top Three Ways To Make Sure The Biggest Losers Weight Loss Study Does Not Apply To You

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothThe press has been filled with stories about a study showing participants in the Biggest Losers TV show regaining their weight. The press is using this study to suggest that weight loss is not sustainable. That it is our destiny to wear plus size clothing.

That is just wrong. The overwhelming body of health research has documented that sustained weight loss is achievable. My research shows that weight loss is not only achievable but that there are best practices for losing weight plus enjoying life more. Continue reading

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Will California TOU Pricing Create A Consumer Revolt or Technology Revolution

Golden Gate Bridge Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachCalifornia is embarking on a disruptive strategy for growing consumer adoption of smart/clean electricity technologies. Starting in 2019 the state’s three investor owned utilities, serving 80% of the state’s electricity customers, will launch Time Of Use (TOU) pricing for residential consumers. The utilities are now signing up volunteer residential customers to refine price designs based on actual customer reactions.

The question confronting California’s strategy is whether high prices charged to residential consumers during peak periods is a “bridge too far?” Will residential customers respond by buying smart and cleaner technologies to access lower prices? Or will they vote in revolt? Continue reading

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Five Technologies Driving California’s Clean IoT Electricity Strategy

San Francisco California Bill RothCalifornia is again driving the world toward technologies that will disrupt how we live and work. This time California’s focus is on commercializing clean tech. The state is pioneering technologies to achieve a 40% reduction in climate changing emissions by 2030.

But that is just the environmental element of California’s technology strategy. California seeks to make clean electricity flowing through a smart Internet of Things (IoT) system the world’s dominate energy system. California’s ambitiously seeks to redesign the world’s cars, homes and businesses to do more, cheaper and cleaner.

This is not a watermelon strategy. California sees a gold rush opportunity to be the global clean tech/smart IoT technology leader. This strategy is an integral part of California’s economic development ambitions. It is already demonstrating results. California is growing its economy faster than the U.S. economy while also reducing climate changing emissions.

The first of this two part series profiled the four drivers behind California’s tech ambitions for a clean, lower cost and smart IoT electricity system. This second article identifies the five technologies California is commercializing to deliver a clean/smart IoT electricity system that will change how we live, what we drive and how we operate our businesses. Continue reading

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How California Blackouts Will Make Solar and Batteries A National Story

DSC_0028California again faces potential blackouts. This time it is tied to a natural gas storage facility called Porter Ranch owned by Sempra Energy’s Southern California Gas. Porter Ranch’s ability to deliver energy has been crippled by a natural gas leak described as an ecological disaster comparable to the BP oil rig explosion. State officials worry that this key facility will not be able to deliver sufficient supplies to California’s natural gas generating plants during summer peak electricity demands. Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Secrets of I Love Lucy!

Weight Loss Secrets From I Love Lucy Bill Roth author of The Boomer Generation DietWhat in the world could Lucy, Ethel, Fred and Ricky tells us about how to achieve sustained weight loss? It turns out that this dynamic foursome did have a secret sauce. It was team power.

Big Food wants you to believe that eating/drinking smaller proportions will result in weight loss. The first of this two article series outlined the four ways eating Big Food’s “smaller portions” still adds weight. It lists three best practices for avoiding Big Food and weight gain.

This article focuses on the research around how people working together can achieve sustained weight loss. Shape Up Rhode Island is one such research study on the impacts social activity and team support has on individual weight loss success. This research found that people attempting to lose weight in a social or team environment achieved about 10% more weight loss. The bottom line is that weight loss success is a team sport! Continue reading

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Big Food Myth That Eating Less Will Achieve Weight Loss

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothWe are in a national weight crisis. Big Food’s answer is to sell you smaller proportions. But research points to less is not more in terms of achieving sustained weight loss. We get hungry when we eat less food. Hunger is not sustainable because our bodies are built to satisfy hunger. That is why denial based dieting fails.
The fallacy that eating less will promote weight loss is at the heart of the Big Food industry’s marketing campaigning. Example products of their new wave of “eat/drink less” products include the 8 ounce Coke cans, McDonald’s testing a Big Mac Jr. and those sinfully wonderful “thin” Oreos. Continue reading

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Earth Day Commentary Asking Are We Watermelons

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachI was just called a watermelon on Facebook. Mirrors don’t lie. I must admit my bald round head does have a mellon shape. But they were not talking about my looks. Watermelons are people that are green on the outside and red in the middle. Get it? I was just called a communist!

The next question is whether you will be called a watermelon too? Continue reading

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