How 2014 Oil Price Collapse Threatens Sustainability

Ford Smart F-1501980 was the last time we had an oil price collapse. Americans buying fuel efficient vehicles created the 1980 oil price collapse just as they have contributed toward today’s oil price collapse. But what consumers did in response to lower pump prices during the 1980′s does not bode well for today’s pursuit of sustainable solutions for our economy and climate change. Will history repeat itself where the 2014 oil price collapse undercuts our adoption of sustainable technologies? Continue reading

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Hyper Engaged Online Consumers Key To Sales Success

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business Coach‘Tis the season for political rhetoric. Environmental regulation that protects human health from climate change and smog is being defined as a “war on coal.” Presidential candidates are posturing on key economics issues while the middle class suffers under fifteen years of zero real wage growth.

Putting politics aside the new online reality for business is that your sales are now directly tied to whether two key market segments, Hispanics and the millennial generation, view your company as part of the solution or part of the problem. These two key consumer groups are the growth wave of our economy and they are going online not only to check your price competitiveness or product quality but to also to evaluate your social and environmental responsibility. Continue reading

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Oil Price Collapse And America’s Technology Crossroads

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachThe oil industry has done a great job of self-promoting their increased production capacity as the reason for the collapse in oil and gasoline prices. Let’s get the facts right. The world has been, and continues to be, awash with oil supply. The world has been producing 90+ million barrels of oil per day for several years. Continue reading

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China’s 20% Renewable Energy Commitment Challenges U.S. Electric Utility Industry

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachThe U.S. electric utility industry now confronts a new disruptive business reality from China’s announced commitment to source twenty percent of its energy from renewable technologies like solar and wind. This commitment is not a “non-binding charade” as characterized by Republican Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma. China faces an environmental wall that blocks its continued economic growth. The country must restore the healthiness of its air, water and food or confront a costly degradation in worker health. China has no choice but shift toward zero emissions renewable energy. Continue reading

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Operating Your Business In A Carbon Surge Economy

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachYour business now operates within a carbon surge economy. The surge in carbon emissions is rapidly raising your business risks and the cost of doing business. Extreme weather tied to carbon surge is reducing your business revenues by disrupting customer access to your location and website. Increasing evidence of climate change tied to carbon surge is pushing consumers, especially your millennial generation customers, to question what they buy and who they buy from. Your business needs a plan for winning customers and cutting costs in the new carbon surge economy. Continue reading

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Four Green Steps To Increased Revenues For Small Businesses

imagesHave you ever heard of a Chinese restaurant serving sustainably sourced organic food? Probably not. Yet I know of a first-generation Chinese restaurateur facing extreme competition who saved his business by offering organic Chinese food. His restaurant is now packed at lunch and dinner with moms seeking healthy food for themselves and their loved ones.

Can you imagine the competitive challenge that auto body shops face in winning a contract with a national auto rental company or a national insurance company? I worked with a Hispanic auto body shop that won its first corporate account within ninety days of adopting green best practices that repositioned their company as a green supplier aligned with increasing government and consumer corporate social responsibility expectations.

How many businesses in the construction industry survived the great recessions? I know of an electrical contractor that grew revenues in the face of the great recession by selling and installing high efficiency LED lights. He grew revenues during a recession by introducing his town’s business community to a green technology that reduced both electric bills and emissions.

The lessons learned from these examples are that consumers across product segments are searching for price competitive green products and services. How customers define “green” is still in flux. Wellness is a key component for many consumers seeking to buy green. Others are adopting sustainability to save money. Market research suggests a strong twenty percent of American consumers have adopted going green as their cultural norm and have made green a core procurement factor. This trend is growing with each new crisis in weather, health or food safety that increases the consumer search for “in me, on me or around me” solutions. Continue reading

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Millennial Activists Reshaping America’s Economy

us chamber foundation.orgMillennial activists are now driving revenue growth in the American economy. Their quest to be “cool with a purpose” is driving the revenue success of Apple, Google, Patagonia and Chipotle. They are also a key demographic group that is driving down the revenues of McDonald’s, Coke and your local utility. Figuring out how to successfully align with millennial activists is now the strategic challenge facing every business. Continue reading

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