Demographic Tumult Drives Emerging Sustainable Economy

map-of-diversity-1024x642A demographic tumult is pushing America toward a sustainable economy. This demographic tumult is the nexus of an aging boomer generation, the emergence of the millennial generation as America’s economic powerhouse and the growing role of women. Each of these demographic groups has their own sustainability definition and focus. But with $10 trillion of combined annual buying power these three demographic groups are collectively reshaping the American economy around sustainable best practices. Continue reading

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California Climate Tax Reduces Electric Bills!

10152382_647928105261020_147225474_nHave you ever broken out into a smile from opening your electric bill? I just did when I opened this month’s bill and saw I owed $4.91. At first I though there must have been a mistake. But after much searching on my four-page bill I found a one-line item called the California Climate Credit that cut my bill down to less than $5. This credit is the latest of California’s outside the box public policy ideas for addressing climate change. California is taxing climate changing pollution to fund credits on residential electric bills! Continue reading

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FREE To Restaurant Owners: Growing Sales And Profits Best Practices

What-s-Hot-Top-FiveOn May 20, 2014 San Diego Gas and Electric is offering my half-day course on the proven green best practices for growing restaurant sales and profits FOR FREE! Seats are limited. This is a “must attend” for restaurant owners, caterers and food service managers seeking to win moms and the millennial generation as customers. SIGN UP NOW by clicking on this SDG&E website to reserve your seat for a program that is proven to win (and keep) customers. Continue reading

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How To Create Sustainable Sales Growth

The Secret Green Sauce by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017 and green business coach consultantGenerating sales growth is the key business issue facing every business. Companies like Chipotle, Panera Bread and Unilver are achieving sustainable revenue growth by satisfying the consumer search for price competitive and authentically sourced “in me, on me and around me solutions.” Today the three keys to winning customers are being price competitive, authentic and supplying a solution that enhances human/environmental health. Continue reading

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Consumers Want Healthy Convenience Food

The Secret Green Sauce by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017 and green business coach consultantThe food industry’s revenue growth is now being driven by a consumer mega-shift from fast foods to healthy convenience food. The 2014 Cone Communications Food Issues Trend Tracker found that while “family satisfaction” still is priority number one in food shopping (97%) the issues of “health and nutrition” (93%) and sustainability (77%) are now key criteria beings used by consumers in deciding what to buy and who to buy from. Key issues tied to defining health, nutrition and sustainability for consumers are:

  • 74% local food sourcing
  • 69% sustainable packaging of food
  • 69% animal welfare
  • 67% non-GMO
  • 65% protects and renews natural resources.

Continue reading

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Breakthrough: GUARANTEED lower electric bills

Guaranteed lower electric bills enabled by innovations in the financing and insuring of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects will soon be transforming the commercial real estate industry. These innovations enable zero down financing. Project payments are tied to measured “negawatt” results. No “negawatts,” no payment made by the property’s owner. And most critically, performance insurance supplied by a credit worthy financial institution satisfies the risk of non-performance for the building owner and the bank that supplies project financing. Continue reading

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How Hybrid Electric Buildings Will Transform Real Estate

Mesa---building-sun-450America’s commercial buildings are on the cusp of being radically redesigned into Prius-like hybrid energy centers. These buildings will create value by guaranteeing lower electric bills plus increased worker productivity while also delivering climate-changing environmental impacts. Like hybrid electric cars this is a global trend. The cost of enabling technologies are falling driven by global economies of scale. In the U.S. the only question on when hybrid electric buildings will be built in your town is tied to the pace of change in utility/regulatory policies that remove the legacy distinctions between energy solutions that sit behind the meter versus those supplied through the utility grid. Continue reading

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