Cities Defaulting To Green

San Francisco California Bill RothCities are the 21st Century battleground for mankind’s adoption of sustainability. It is in cities and their surrounding urban areas where 54% of the world’s population live, including 270 million Americans. Cities, rather than farms or factories, are now the largest driver of economic growth. Our top 20 metropolitan areas account for 52% of our national GDP. It is inside our cities where we convert consumerism into garbage, emissions and excretions. Most of the pollution we breathe is either sourced inside a city or created to generate electricity for a city. Our daily lives are now tied to the ability of municipal infrastructure to withstand or repair the damaging impacts of storms made more intense by global warming. Continue reading

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Why Diets Do Not Work

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothOne of the key research findings in my new book, The Boomer Generation Diet, is that stress actually causes weight gain. We have all tried and failed at dieting. One major reason is that denial based diets create a tremendous amount of stress. Going hungry just does not succeed in achieving sustained weight. Diets do not work because they inhibit our ability to have fun. We lose social time with friends who do not want to participate in a diet. Diets do not work because it is stressful to try to eat and live under some type of formula. Who wants live under performance metrics on what we eat and how much we can eat? Continue reading

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How Generation Z Will Make CSR A Business Norm

Generation Z, the first generation born in the 21st Century, is being shaped by a world at risk. They were born into global terrorism, the Great Recession, social diversity, climate change, and too often in the United States, living in a single parent household. Their combined experiences have made them fiscally conservative, socially tolerant, environmentally aware and urgently engaged.

This is the generation that will collaborate among themselves to use their buying power and votes to demand sustainable solutions from businesses and governments. Their collective procurement of sustainable solutions, along with their entrepreneurial pursuits, will reshape the world’s economy. They will be the generation that realizes a global Green Economic Revolution by making CSR a core criteria in deciding what to buy and who to buy from. Continue reading

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FDA Questioning Natural Food Claims

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothFinally, the FDA is opening a review on the use of the word “natural” in food advertising and claims. This review comes as a result of citizen petitions questioning the meaning of the word and even its use in food labeling. The questions the agency will specifically investigate include:

  • Is it appropriate to define the word natural
  • How should the word natural be defined
  • How should the word be used in food advertising?

Continue reading

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Buildings With Cleaner Air Makes You Smarter

SDG&E Energy Innovation Center Bill Roth green business coachA study just published by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has linked a building’s indoor air quality directly to a worker’s (or student, parent, doctor, etc.) cognitive function. Cognitive function is defined as the cerebral activities that lead to knowledge including acquiring information, reasoning, attention, memory and language. The revolutionary finding of this study is that lowering indoor air levels of CO2 and VOX improves human cognitive function. In other words cleaner air makes us smarter! This amplifies the issue of CO2 as a pollutant to a new level. It brings the issue inside our homes, offices and schools. It creates a significant motivation to reduce indoor air pollution by reducing CO2 and VOX levels. Continue reading

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Three Keys To Implementing A Diet That Works

Book Cover final-cover nov 12 2015Why are diets so hard? One major reason is that we link dieting with not having fun. We go hungry. We eat foods that do not taste good. We give up social time with friends because we are on a diet. Ugh!

One of the major research findings in my just released new book, The Boomer Generation Diet, is that this is the recipe for diet failure. The research is now very strong that denial based dieting just does not work. It is a miserable experience and research finds that few, if any of us, can achieve our goal of sustained weight loss through denial based dieting.

What makes my new book a must read is my research on how to achieve healthy weight loss by having fun! Yes, this sounds completely counterintuitive. But the pioneering research on dieting success now confirms that the key to losing weight is to have fun. I have lost over thirty pounds while still enjoying sunset happy hours. I lost thirty pounds while still eating dessert. And I NEVER go hungry. The great news is that you can too! Continue reading

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Must Have Healthy Digital Wearable For Generation Z

KidPower-heroUnicef and Target, in collaboration with Disney, are launching a Fitbit-like wearable device for kids that has the potential of being this Holiday Season’s hottest gift. If it does become the gift sales winner for 2015 it will not because it promotes exercise. It will be a sales success because it is a cool wearable with Star Wars branding that enables Generation Z (those aged 10-16) to make a difference. This new wearable holds the potential being yet another cool with a purpose marketing best practice proven to win millennial generation, and now Generation Z, customers! Continue reading

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