Weight Loss While Having Holiday Fun

Yes! You can achieve weight loss while still having fun :)

Yes! You can achieve weight loss while still having fun :)

Is this picture what you expected from someone talking about weight loss? It’s the Holidays. I am having fun. This picture is me enjoying sinfully wonderful homemade ice cream and TWO just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.

How could I be achieving my weight loss goals eating like this! Continue reading

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Will Your Business Survive A Divided America

SONY DSCEvery business now confronts the challenge of an America divided over what to believe and who to believe. In these tumultuous waters, how does a business navigate a relationship with their customers and work associates? What does a divided America mean to your business operations, brand and ability to win customers?

A divided America is also a business social media challenge. It is captured by the growth, and divisiveness, of fake news. What are your business risks from a fake news economy where unsubstantiated claims could cost you customers and the loyalty of your work associates? Continue reading

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Fake News Economy

Fake NewsIf your job is shaped or defined by Information Age technologies and science then it is at risk if fake news influences our economy like it has our recent elections. Fake news is the purposeful posting of unsubstantiated claims to create an emotional connection. Fake news shaped, some would say defined, Election 2016. Now fake news is poised to reshape our economy by targeting companies and products with unsubstantiated claims that advance a political, social or religious agenda.

As an individual or business are you ready for the fake news economy? Continue reading

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Rural American and the Green Economic Revolution

The Green Economic Revolution offers Rural America a strong job growth future

The Green Economic Revolution offers Rural America a strong job growth future

This election has put a spotlight on rural voters. Exit polls have pointed to job loss and job erosion as being a driver behind their vote for change.

The issue is can campaign promises of renegotiated trade deals and reduced regulation restore rural America’s jobs and economy? Continue reading

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It Is Still A Green Economic Revolution

iowa-wind-turbineWe have a new President. Regulations will be changed, diminished or eliminated. What has not changed is the growing consumer demand for goods and services that align value with values.

What has not change is a disruptive, global technology revolution involving artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), renewable energy and batteries. We are on the cusp of these technologies disruptively reshaping our homes, cars, businesses, factories, farms and cities.

The question is whether a new U.S. government can retard or stop a global, multi-trillion dollar Green Economic Revolution? Will gutting the EPA and emissions regulations block the adoption of electric cars and solar power? Will America really shift back to coal as a result of this election? Continue reading

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Four Steps To A Thanksgiving Weight Loss Plan

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothDoes Thanksgiving stress you out? It used to be so stressful for me. There is so much GREAT tasting food. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, YUM!

Now I enjoy Thanksgiving stress-free. I can do so because I have a plan for enjoying Thanksgiving while still continuing my weight loss journey. Here are four key elements of my plan. Continue reading

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Shocking Insights On The Food We Eat

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothA new study was published that found eating broccoli and avocados will make us look younger! And it gets even better. Research has found that the nicotinamide mono nucleotide in these foods, when consumed at a heavy dosage, delivers these additional benefits:

  • better skeletal muscle
  • improved liver and eye function
  • enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • improved immune function
  • increased physical activity levels.

Here’s some ever better news. Americans are eating more broccoli. The U.S. Agriculture Department estimates we eat about 8 pounds of broccoli per year. This is almost double our consumption of broccoli from 1990. Feel good about that when you have some broccoli this week!

BUT…now compare those 8 pounds of broccoli to the approximately ONE TON (1,996 pounds) of food we individually eat each year.

Some shocking insights on what we consume!

Even thought we are eating more healthy foods like broccoli we are still in a national weight crisis. Here are the facts that explain why:

  • We eat about a TON of food every year!
  • We consume 630 pounds of diary products. We are talking about milk, cheese, and ice cream. That represents 31% of the ton of food we eat annually.
  • The good news is that we eat 415 pounds of vegetables. The bad news is that most of that is corn and potatoes. Think french fries and corn on the comb slathered with butter. Not good for our health and weight loss.
  • We eat an equal amount of meat and grains. We consume 197 pounds of grains (bread) and 185 pounds of meat (beef, chicken, pork).
  • We consume almost as much sweetener as grains and meat! We consume 141 pounds of sweetener. Think soda.

Continue reading

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