Economic Development Leaders: Top Ten Clean Tech Cities

Golden Gate BridgeClean tech is now driving economic development. Global sales of more sustainable goods and services passed the milestone of $1 trillion in sales. Current growth rates project that by 2017 the global trade in more sustainable goods and services could achieve 20% of world commerce. Clear winners are emerging among U.S. cites and states capitalizing upon this economic development trend. California is the clear winner.

Three Clean Tech Drivers Behind California’s Economic Development Leadership
California is a global clean tech economic development leader. Despited the state’s highly publicized solar company bankruptcies the economic development reality is that California is the U.S. financial capital for solar energy. Led by companies like SolarCity, SunRun and Clean Power Finance it is California-based companies that are financing solar installations across the U.S. Tellingly the U.S. just achieved a milestone 300,000th solar installation with over 90% of those financed through California companies. The following are the three key-drivers that are creating California’s clean tech economic development success: Continue reading

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Rethinking The Restaurant Industry

The Secret Green Sauce by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017 and green business coach consultantI am publishing through Triple Pundit a six part series on rethinking the restaurant industry. CLICK HERE to read the first article on these five factors creating a restaurant sustainability crisis: Continue reading

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Electric Car Price War!

Chevy Volt Bill Roth Earth 2017 The Secret Green SauceAn electric car price war is now offering unbeatable cost savings. The time to lease a new EV is NOW!

The deals just keep on coming. Most recently Honda slashed the lease price on its EV Fit to only $259 per month. This is a zero down rate! And what is most amazing is that it comes with UNLIMITED mileage. Plus free scheduled maintenance. On top of this value it also includes collision insurance. This appears to be one of the best leasing packages in the automobile industry. Right now the Nissan Leaf, Ford Energi, Fiat 500e and Chevy Spark EV do NOT offer either unlimited mileage or collision insurance.

The only bad news on this great deal is that it is only available in these states: California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

A List Of Great Deal Continue reading

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Sell More. Save More. Food Service Goes Green

The “fast food” formula for growing revenues through promotional pricing of fries, burgers, tacos and sugary soda is in crisis. Sales are not going up and margins are eroding. This revenue crisis is being driven by the Millennial Generation and their moms, Concerned Caregivers, who are questioning what to buy and who to buy from. Their combined $9 trillion of annual buying power is reshaping the food service industry.

In search of the business opportunity in this mega-trend I conducted three years of interviews with restauranteurs, caterers, bakers and food industry leaders who were growing sales and profits. Some of those interviewed were from large corporations. Many were local entrepreneurs. The interview focus was upon their “secret sauce” for making money. Their answers are best practices that are proven to win customers and save money. Continue reading

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First Green Dentistry Conference

A grassroots-developed set of best practices has now emerged among practicing dentists that increases customer satisfaction and customer health while reducing a dental practice’s environmental footprint. To advance this trend the first ever Green Dentistry Conference is being held on May 3 and 4 to share these green dentistry best practices with attending dentists from around the world.

An Idea From U.S. Bank!
The idea that sparked this conference came from U.S. Bank. One of their officers had attended a U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Green Builds Business coaching session I conducted in Miami. From this first introduction a dialogue evolved with various bank officers where we exploded how the bank’s financing capabilities could accelerate the adoption of green business best practices by local businesses. One bank officer suggested dentists as a target for this outreach effort. This suggestion propelled the development of the first ever Green Dentistry Conference. In support of this effort U.S. Bank is the conference’s lead sponsor.

Hosted By The Eco-Dentistry Association
As soon as I heard this idea by U.S. Bank I thought of Ina and Fred Pockrass. Fred is a pioneer in green dentistry with a practice in Berkeley California. His wife Ina is a co-founder of the Eco-Dentistry Association that was formed as a platform for likeminded dentist to share their green best practices. Their advisory board consists of practicing dentists from across the country that have greened their own practices. Ina and Fred immediately seized upon the idea and went to work developing an agenda that their experience told them would be helpful to dentists, their associates and patients.

Topics: Finance, Emerging Technologies, Attracting The Millennial Generation Continue reading

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Tulsa Entrepreneurs Proving Green Builds Business

Tulsa entrepreneurs are proving with their success that green builds business. They are winning customers, most especially the Millennial Generation, by offering sustainable products and services that are healthier, local and cool!

Sustainable Tulsa
I was invited to Tulsa by Sustainable Tulsa, a volunteer organization of liked-minded citizens who are dedicated to Tulsa’s success defined by a triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. They are using their collective knowledge and buying power to support the growth of businesses that are contributing to Tulsa’s economic development, community development and improved human/environmental health. Sustainable Tulsa’s Executive Director is Corey Williams. She is a values-driven dynamo of energy, ideas and smiles motivated by a mother’s determination that her two daughters will live in a vibrant Tulsa that nurtures the wellness of people and the planet.

Farm To Fork To Farm!
What I saw in Tulsa was rejuvenating to my hopes that sustainability will become a lynchpin of America’s future success. Two of my favorite entrepreneurs were Libby Auld and Rufus Newsome. Libby owns the award winning Elote Cafe located in the heart of Tulsa’s Deco District of fantastic Art Deco buildings that are now beginning to be given a renewed purpose after years of under use by business owners like Libby. Rufus is a testament of the American spirit. He and his wife Demalda started Newsome Farms to help their African American community develop food self sufficiency and to improve the community’s health by teaching their neighbors how to grow fresh food as a diet alternative to fast foods. Libby, Rufus and Demalda have formed a pioneering sustainable relationship where the food waste from Libby’s restaurant is used as composting by Newsome Farms where LIbby buys fruits and vegetables! Through their efforts the practice of Farm to Fork is being advanced toward its truly sustainable solution of Farm To Fork To Farm. Continue reading

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How Commercial PACE Reduces Electric Bills And Emissions

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing of clean technologies is making a comeback by targeting commercial properties. At the end of 2012, San Francisco became the first city to finance a project using commercial PACE. In conjunction with San Francisco’s milestone financing, 14 California counties and 126 cities have launched the nation’s largest commercial PACE program called CaliforniaFirst.

PACE is a financing program where cities or counties allow property owners to pay the financing cost for upgrading their building with clean technologies through property taxes. Qualified improvements covered by PACE include installation of efficiency lighting retrofits, energy/water saving systems and clean tech onsite generation including solar and fuel cells. Continue reading

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