Healthy Foods Achieve Mass Market Sales Levels

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017The biggest news from the Natural Product Expo 2016 was that the sale of healthy foods is now mainstream. A record 43% of Americans now say they make their food and beverage purchases using the criteria of human and environmental health. Healthier food is on the threshold of being what the majority of Americans eat. Continue reading

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Top Four Ways to Know If You Are A Food Voter?

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017Life is getting complicated for numbers guys like me trying to place people in category buckets for analysis. For example, in today’s political environment how do you define a Republican or a Democrat? The fact that the answer to this question is no longer obvious, or attractive, is why a record 43% of us now describe ourselves as political independents. Independent or “none of the above” is now America’s largest political demographic group.

Political parties and business marketing organizations are in a crisis as consumers/voters abandon brands, whether it is the brand of a political party or of a product. Market research finds consumers and voters are moving past brand messaging to evaluate individuals, and individual products, based on their authenticity and transparency. Arising from the ashes of brand dissatisfaction and mistrust is a new demographic called the consumer/voter. One such example is the food voter. Food voters use their pocket books, and increasingly their vote, to select foods, food suppliers and politicians based on their support of values like sustainable sourcing of food, food label transparency and health claim authenticity. Continue reading

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Will Millennials and Boomers Unite or Fight Over Sustainability

Bill Roth on the sustainability challenge facing millennials and the boomer generationThe rise of millennials and the aging of the boomer generation is reshaping America. In 2017 50% of the U.S. population will be 50 years old or older. In 2017 the millennial generation will become both America’s most employed demographic group and the demographic group with the largest buying power. The best way to visualize these demographic mega trends is to envision two tectonic plates moving past each other. Continue reading

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How Cities Can Achieve Sustainable Economic Development

How Cities Can Achieve Sustained Economic Development

How Cities Can Achieve Sustained Economic Development

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a great town with friendly, talented people. It has a downtown that urban millennials love with an attractive mix of loft-style housing, fun restaurants and entertainment.

But Tulsa is also a town built on the success of the oil and natural gas industry. When fossil fuel prices are high, Tulsa’s economy significantly benefits. With today’s low oil and natural gas prices, the town — and the state of Oklahoma — confront job loss, painful tax revenue declines and real threats to economic growth.

In many ways, Tulsa’s economic development situation defines U.S. towns located in America’s heartland. They are towns anchored in what made America successful in the 20th century. Some towns like Tulsa are heavily aligned with fossil fuels. Many are agriculturally-oriented with a strong link between economic success and the heavy use of chemical fertilizers, water and pesticides. Still others are regional industrial or service centers that are increasingly being challenged by a global economy and digital innovations. All of these towns share this question: How do we achieve sustained economic development in the 21st century? Continue reading

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How The Recycling Crash Impacts You

walmart-rethink-logo-1America is going to trash. We may feel guilty about it. But out of sight, out of mind. That is the state of recycling today in America. Continue reading

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New Research Proves That Sugar Is Toxic To Your Health

Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothNew research finds that sugar is toxic to our health. It is toxic not just because of weight gain. Sugar is a threat to our health due to metabolic syndrome.

Our bodies are not made to ingest a lot of sugar. When we do our body reacts negatively by increasing blood pressure, producing higher levels of unhealthy cholesterol and building tummy fat. Memorize that last sentence. We need to repeat to ourselves every time we reach for a soda or walk into a fast food restaurant. Doing so might be the most important step we can take to achieve sustained weight loss plus protect our health! Continue reading

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How Electric Cars Promote Weight Loss

Volt Bill Roth Earth 2017No, the answer to how electric cars promote weight loss is not because they run out of electricity and you have to walk more. I have been driving the plug-in electric Chevy Volt for a week. While the Volt’s batteries did run out of electricity during extended trips the car kept going because of its on board gasoline engine.

New research links air pollution to obesity and diabetes

I came up with an outside the box idea that driving an electric car could promote weight loss based on just released research by Duke University. Duke University researchers have found that mammals exposed to air pollution have a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. Could it be that breathing deeply in our urban environments is as bad for our weight as drinking soda?

Obviously, driving electric cars will not solve our national weight crisis. But what we drive is part of the life choices we have made that have created our national weight crisis. Seventy percent of the baby boomer generation is overweight or obese. It is projected that 50% of Generation Z, the first generation born in the 21st Century, will be obese during their lifetime. That is what motivated me to write The Boomer Generation Diet. It profiles sustainable best practices that will reshape our bodies and environment for the better. What the Duke University research suggests is that the lifestyle choices that impact our weight and health now extends beyond food to include the type of cars we drive and the source of the fuel we use to generate electricity. Continue reading

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