Green Sells: Ford’s Commitment To Sustainability Drives Sales Success

Ford C-MAX Energi At Charging Stations

Ford C-MAX Energi At Charging Stations

Ford’s sales growth is proving that competitively priced, well-designed products that are more sustainable will outsell less-sustainable products. Ford’s line-up of fuel-efficient cars and trucks that deliver lower tail pipe emissions are selling at a record pace. In June 2012 Ford achieved a year-over-year 13% sales increase. That is Ford’s best sales performance since 2006. How hot is Ford? They have captured the number one position on the BrandIndex with more buzz than Amazon, YouTube or last years’s champ, Subway! Continue reading

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Rethinking Restaurants: The Secret Green Sauce

The Secret Green Sauce by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017 and green business coach consultantThe restaurant industry is in crisis. Sales are flat. In addition, fast food profit margins are shrinking under the weight of continuous promotional “dollar menu” pricing.

Yet, there are restaurants, caterers and bakeries achieving revenue and profit growth by rethinking the food service business model. The secret green sauce of their success include these four key ingredients: Continue reading

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13 Best Practices That Grow “Social” Revenues

Bill Roth with Steve Wozniak

Bill Roth with Steve Wozniak

I finally got to meet Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak. He was one of the speakers at a Ford Motor Company meet-up for social media thought-leaders. Steve did not disappoint. He immediately went into explaining those early days working with Steve Jobs that resulted in Apple.

“Social” Revenues

The big surprise was in how Wozniak described their design focus during these formative days. Their imagination was not captured by the technology but rather by the social impacts this technology could achieve. Steve literally cusped his head with both hands in an act of wonder as he recounted their vision that two guys in a garage could enhance human communications and decision making. Continue reading

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Green Sells. Meaningful Brands Outperform

Meaningful Brands Bill Roth green business coach Havas MediaNew research documents that green products and meaningful brands deliver increased sales plus financial performance that outperforms the stock market. Havas Media just released an analysis on the financial performance of their top twenty global meaningful brands. The stocks for this portfolio of companies out performed the stock market by 120%! The 2013 Small Business Sustainability Report just released by Green America, Association For Enterprise Opportunity and EcoVentures International reports that for small businesses defined as having five or fewer work associates (representing 88% of all U.S. businesses) the sale of green products outpaced their sale of conventional products. Continue reading

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Five Keys To Sales Success With The Millennial Generation

Millennial GenerationThe millennial generation economy has arrived. Today this generation has $1 trillion of annual buying power. In 2017 the millennial generation’s buying power will exceed the boomer generation.

Their buying power is already reshaping the business competitive landscape. The millennial generation is eating at Chipotle and not at McDonald’s. (McDonald’s does not even rank among their top ten chain restaurants.) They are not buying cars in the volume their parents did at their age. Instead they are choosing to live in walkable urban centers with mass transit and bike paths. Rather than buying new fashion items they have made wearing used-clothing cool. Input from their digital community accessed through social media, increasing via smartphone, is their path for deciding what to buy and who to buy from.

Best practices are now emerging on how to sell to the millennial generation. Here are five keys to sales success with millennials: Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines Integrated Reporting Best Practices

CFOs, you are now flying into uncharted reporting territory. The goods news is that the LUV airline has your back by posting their 2012 Southwest Airlines One Report. This report can be your template on how to design a report that is responsive to the growing stakeholder and stockholder expectations for one report that details your company’s financial, environmental and societal governance. Continue reading

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Economic Development Leaders: Top Ten Clean Tech Cities

Golden Gate BridgeClean tech is now driving economic development. Global sales of more sustainable goods and services passed the milestone of $1 trillion in sales. Current growth rates project that by 2017 the global trade in more sustainable goods and services could achieve 20% of world commerce. Clear winners are emerging among U.S. cites and states capitalizing upon this economic development trend. California is the clear winner.

Three Clean Tech Drivers Behind California’s Economic Development Leadership
California is a global clean tech economic development leader. Despited the state’s highly publicized solar company bankruptcies the economic development reality is that California is the U.S. financial capital for solar energy. Led by companies like SolarCity, SunRun and Clean Power Finance it is California-based companies that are financing solar installations across the U.S. Tellingly the U.S. just achieved a milestone 300,000th solar installation with over 90% of those financed through California companies. The following are the three key-drivers that are creating California’s clean tech economic development success: Continue reading

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