Sustainability Professionals Need To Act Weird

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachOn this Earth Day 2015 I want to recognize and challenge the dedicated community of sustainability professionals. What these talented people have achieved over the last ten years is historic. From Apple to Walmart, from San Diego to New York, sustainability has become a core best practice of business and community success. My economic research points to the achievement of a multi-trillion dollar global annual revenue economy that is growing profits, reducing environmental impacts and creating jobs.

With success comes some frustration within the sustainability professional community. The central theme of this frustration is often over the scale or intensity of CEO engagement. It is not that sustainability professional do not feel their CEO is unsupportive or unaware of their efforts or the value of sustainability. Rather, the issue is how to get the degree of CEO support that would make sustainability the foundation of their company’s strategies and activities. Continue reading

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Solar Is Getting Weird

Solar Panels At Frog Leap's VineyardsThe California solar homeowners I work with are acting pretty “weird” compared to the rest of America. This summer when the rest of America will be keeping their thermostats set at higher than desired levels to avoid the dreaded high monthly electric bill the solar customers I know will be running their homes at a pleasant 72 degrees with no fear of receiving a huge electric utility bill. In fact, many of them love solar electricity so much they are pulling out their gas appliances and re-engineering their homes to be total electric. These homeowners are really out of step with their fellow Americans in terms of leasing electric cars that they fuel “for free” from their solar systems. Is this the real future for Earth Day or just more California weirdness? Continue reading

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American Competitiveness In Renewable Energy

IMG_2811The price of solar energy is falling like a rock driven by global manufacturing economies of scale. Deustshe Bank projects the price of solar energy will be at grid price parity in all fifty states by 2016. The “war on coal” is not a political issue. It is a disruptive technology mega-shift where coal-fired power plants are losing their price competitiveness to lower cost renewable energy solutions. Continue reading

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Five Ways To Win Food Customers

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachMcDonald’s 4% U.S. sales decline further documents that the American consumer is in active revolt against conventional foods. But that is just half of the story. The Supermarket News’ survey presented at the Natural Product Expo West found that health and wellness product sales are growing at three times the rate of conventional foods. Eighty percent of survey respondents reported increased sales of health and wellness products with a third reporting double-digit sales growth of twenty percent or more! Continue reading

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Healthy Foods Sales Growing Three Times Faster Than Conventional Food Sales

Bill Roth Green Business Coach At Natural Product ExpoThe big news from the 2015 Natural Product Expo West was that the American consumer is buying healthy foods at volumes never seen before. Healthy and wellness products are achieving three times the sales growth as conventional food products. A survey conducted by SuperMarket News found that eighty percent of surveyed food industry wholesalers and retailers had sales growth in healthy and wellness products. A third of survey respondents reported an astounding twenty percent increase in annual sales! Continue reading

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Sustainability Sells

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachWalmart’s recently announcement “Sustainability Leadership Shop” website is the latest example of the importance sustainability has in winning customers and growing sales. The website’s marketing banner is “Making it easier to save more today, for a better tomorrow.” Impressively, Walmart now offers sustainably-designed products through this online shopping destination in the categories of electronics, toys, household and pet items, baby, grocery, clothing and health/beauty. Walmart’s revenue growth strategy is to offer consumers more-sustainable products at competitive prices. Walmart’s pricing theme is that “you don’t have to pay more for sustainability.” Continue reading

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How To Write A Green Business Plan

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachBusiness plan success in today’s multi-trillion dollar green economic revolution is determined by how successfully it fulfills the customer’s search for products that align value with values. If you are a retail business then your business plan must align with the millennial generation’s focus upon sustainable business practices in deciding what companies to buy from and who to work for. The business plans for businesses that sell to other businesses must articulate how their bids competitively satisfy Corporate America’s green supply chain procurement criteria. Every business plan must address a company’s sustainability practices for managing commodity price volatility and supply chain disruptions impacted by climate change. Continue reading

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