Are You Ready To Reduce Stress And Your Weight

The NEW (and thinner!) Bill Roth

The NEW (and thinner!) Bill Roth

44% of Americans feel more stress than they did five years ago. 40% of stressed people over eat or eat unhealthy food. In fact, research now points to overeating as our body’s effort to generate serotonin, the body’s natural “feel good” chemical.

My experience is that you can eat healthy and exercise but if you do not reduce your stress you will not achieve sustained weight loss. Having fun is the key to sustained weight loss.

How having fun helped me lose 30 pounds

I tried exercising as a way to reduce stress and lose weight. It increased my stress because I challenged myself to exercise to lose weight. I set, and questioned, my performance. Most tellingly, I jumped on the scales after exercising and too often felt dejected over not losing weight.

Then I read this quote by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple:
“We’re not focused on the numbers. We’re focused on the things that produce the numbers.” Continue reading

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Baby Boomers Weight Crisis Is Crushing Medicare And Millennials

IMG_3445Medicare is projected to spend 72 percent MORE for the remaining lifetime of a typical 65 year old in 2030 than a 65 year old in 2010. Obesity is a major reason why. Almost TWICE as many baby boomers will be suffering from obesity in 2030 than 2010.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our kids?

Reducing the national debt and government fiscal responsibility is a major baby boomer focus. Yet Social Security and Medicare now represents two-thirds of the annual Federal budget. Medicare alone equals about one-fourth of all government spending. The “tell like it is” numbers are squarely pointing the finger at the boomer generation as the cause of spiraling government expenditures. Their lifestyle, and its unintended weight-related health cost consequences, is the greatest threat to our country’s ability to balance its budget and the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren. Continue reading

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Chevy Bolt Most Exciting Car At 2016 NAIAS

IMG_3629The Chevy Bolt stole the show at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. It did so because it is the first electric car that can deliver 200 plus mile range on a single charge plus sell for less than $30,000 after tax credits. The Chevy Bolt could be the auto industry’s iPhone offering a disruptive technology at a competitive price. Continue reading

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Are You Ready?

IMG_2197Are you tied of looking in the mirror and not recognizing who you see? You are not alone. We are all overweight.

That is the stunning finding of my pioneering research. It is not you. It is not me. IT IS US!

We have tried all the diets. They don’t work. We may lose some weight but then we gain it back. Plus it is a miserable experience.

We have tried exercise. Who wants to workout after a hard day at work and dealing with family stresses?

Many of us have just given up. We have accepted plus size clothing as the new norm. Will you try one more time to rediscover the thinner, healthier and happier you?

Why you must try one more time!

Here’s why I want you to try one more time. My years of original research have uncovered lifestyle best practices that will let you break free from weight gain and live more+. Continue reading

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TubbyFandango Is Dead

Yes…we have lost TubbyF. He died 30 pounds ago.

Gone is his handicap parking permit. He now walks (and runs) pain free.

Bill Roth author of The Boomer Generation DietGone is his plus size clothing. He gave them to GoodWill.

The good news is that what we used to love about TubbyF is still lives. There are still the laughs at his sunset happy hours. His dinner parties are still yummy…including those sinful chocolate eclairs he serves from that wonderful French bakery.

There is a downside though. He now loves riding a mountain bike. Yep…TubbyFandango, that needed a handicap parking permit because he was so overweight it hurt to walk, now rides a mountain bike….for fun! Continue reading

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Our Low Carbon Economy Crossroads

DSC_0028Our country, and the world, stands at a crossroads. The technologies to deliver both sustained economic growth and reduced emissions have all been invented. These technologies now require a path toward mass economies of scale to enable their delivery of lower prices, increased employment, reduced emissions and sustainable economic growth.

Two key steps are required to achieve this enabling mass economies of scale. The first is to accurately price carbon at the cash register, pump and meter by adding carbon’s human health and environmental consequences. The second key step is to eliminate protectionist barriers that shield carbon based industries (and states) at the expense of alternative technologies that will deliver lower costs and reduced emissions. Continue reading

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Cheat And Still Lose Weight

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothIt is the Holiday Season and who among us can resist the pies, stuffing and beverages that we know will add weight? Not me! In fact, I plan to have a great time. Does this sound like a recipe for weight gain? My secret sauce for how I lost 30 pounds and kept it off includes cheating during the Holidays. I will have a great time with family and friends, enjoying all the tastes of the Holidays, and still lose weight. This article explains how I do it. Continue reading

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