Our Low Carbon Economy Crossroads

DSC_0028Our country, and the world, stands at a crossroads. The technologies to deliver both sustained economic growth and reduced emissions have all been invented. These technologies now require a path toward mass economies of scale to enable their delivery of lower prices, increased employment, reduced emissions and sustainable economic growth.

Two key steps are required to achieve this enabling mass economies of scale. The first is to accurately price carbon at the cash register, pump and meter by adding carbon’s human health and environmental consequences. The second key step is to eliminate protectionist barriers that shield carbon based industries (and states) at the expense of alternative technologies that will deliver lower costs and reduced emissions. Continue reading

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Cheat And Still Lose Weight

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothIt is the Holiday Season and who among us can resist the pies, stuffing and beverages that we know will add weight? Not me! In fact, I plan to have a great time. Does this sound like a recipe for weight gain? My secret sauce for how I lost 30 pounds and kept it off includes cheating during the Holidays. I will have a great time with family and friends, enjoying all the tastes of the Holidays, and still lose weight. This article explains how I do it. Continue reading

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HR Directors Must Sell CSR To Win Millennial Job Candidates

Millennial selfieNew research by Global Tolerance found that 62% of surveyed millennials “only want to work for an organization that delivers social and environmental impacts.” Rosie Warin, Co-Managing Director for Global Tolerance, describes this as a values revolution in millennial generation recruiting. It is the Green Economic Revolution reshaping how HR directors win and keep millennial generation work associates! Warin’s warming to all companies is that failing to live up to the CSR or values expectations of millennials can mean “only having access to one-third of the millennial generation talent pool.“ Continue reading

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Solutions To Our National Weight Gain Crisis

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothWe face a national health crisis because of our weight. The CDC reports that a third of our population is obese. Ford Futurist Sheryl Connelly has reported on research that projects half of Generation Z (that generation born into the 21st Century) will be obese during their lifetime.

Weight gain is a national crisis that is creating more human suffering and premature death than acts of terrorism. 37% of us are either diabetic or in a pre-diabetic condition. Research is now linking our increased weight with our increased health risk due to high blood pressure, heart disease and cancers.

The economic ramification of our nation “lost in weight” is a tidal wave of health care costs that threatens bankruptcy of people and our health care system. The total cost of our national weight crisis is estimated at $5 trillion annually from increased health care costs, worker absenteeism and reduce productivity. That is almost twice our country’s annual federal tax revenues. Continue reading

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Cities Defaulting To Green

San Francisco California Bill RothCities are the 21st Century battleground for mankind’s adoption of sustainability. It is in cities and their surrounding urban areas where 54% of the world’s population live, including 270 million Americans. Cities, rather than farms or factories, are now the largest driver of economic growth. Our top 20 metropolitan areas account for 52% of our national GDP. It is inside our cities where we convert consumerism into garbage, emissions and excretions. Most of the pollution we breathe is either sourced inside a city or created to generate electricity for a city. Our daily lives are now tied to the ability of municipal infrastructure to withstand or repair the damaging impacts of storms made more intense by global warming. Continue reading

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Why Diets Do Not Work

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothOne of the key research findings in my new book, The Boomer Generation Diet, is that stress actually causes weight gain. We have all tried and failed at dieting. One major reason is that denial based diets create a tremendous amount of stress. Going hungry just does not succeed in achieving sustained weight. Diets do not work because they inhibit our ability to have fun. We lose social time with friends who do not want to participate in a diet. Diets do not work because it is stressful to try to eat and live under some type of formula. Who wants live under performance metrics on what we eat and how much we can eat? Continue reading

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How Generation Z Will Make CSR A Business Norm

Generation Z, the first generation born in the 21st Century, is being shaped by a world at risk. They were born into global terrorism, the Great Recession, social diversity, climate change, and too often in the United States, living in a single parent household. Their combined experiences have made them fiscally conservative, socially tolerant, environmentally aware and urgently engaged.

This is the generation that will collaborate among themselves to use their buying power and votes to demand sustainable solutions from businesses and governments. Their collective procurement of sustainable solutions, along with their entrepreneurial pursuits, will reshape the world’s economy. They will be the generation that realizes a global Green Economic Revolution by making CSR a core criteria in deciding what to buy and who to buy from. Continue reading

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