California Adopts Zero Net Energy Building Design Through Title 24

Zero Net Energy home Bill Roth green business coachCalifornia is launching a tsunami of building code revisions in 2014 focused upon achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE) residential and commercial buildings. In a ZNE building the annual energy consumption is equal to annual production of onsite renewable energy. Under these new codes called Title 24 all new residential construction is to be ZNE by 2020 with all new commercial buildings achieving this ZNE goal by 2030.

Title 24 code revisions create a building design path toward “comprehensive building solutions.” This building design approach focuses first upon reducing energy consumption through the integration of smart and energy efficiency technologies. The final design step after reducing the building’s energy consumption is to install onsite renewable generation like solar panels. Continue reading

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California Title 24 Code Revisions And Zero Net Energy Buildings

DSC_0028Beginning in 2014 California is launching a tsunami wave of building code revisions. The new and revised codes will accelerate building designs that achieve “comprehensive building solutions.” The goal of comprehensive building design is to integrate smart technologies, energy efficiency technologies and onsite renewable generation to reduce a building’s environmental impacts, increase control of building loads to reduce grid-stress during critical peak time periods and provide building owners and tenants increased control over the size of their electricity bill.

Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

Title 24 has the goal of promoting the implementation of zero net energy buildings. In a zero net energy building the annual energy consumption of the building is equal to the building’s annual onsite generation. Title 24 has as a goal that all new residential buildings be zero net energy by 2020 and all new commercial buildings will reach this ZNE goal by 2030. Continue reading

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Walmart Price Buster: $8.88 LED Light Bulb Puts $134 In Your Pocket!

Walmart $8.88 LED light bulbWalmart has just broken the $10 price barrier for LED lights. Their stores have in stock a 60 watt equivalent LED light bulb that is being sold for only $8.88. Over its estimated 22-year life this bulb is estimated to save $134 in electricity costs. Buying this light is one of the most prudent investments you can make to cut your electric bill.

A 66% annual return on investment!

Walmart’s $8.88 LED light is estimated to save $5.88 per year in electricity costs compared to an incandescent light. This is a 66% annual return on the $8.88 purchase price of the LED light. If you pay more than 11 cents per kWh for electricity like I do in California then your annual savings might actually be equal to the first year price for this Walmart light! Continue reading

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How Sustainability Is Growing Unilever’s Brand Equity and Profits

Unilever__Sustainable_Living_PlanUnilever is a pioneer in the art of winning customers and creating competitive advantage with brand authenticity through their positive impacts upon human and environmental well-being. Their CEO, Paul Polman, has staked his professional career on a strategy that says a business can achieve ambitious financial results by also achieving ambitious CSR results. Their business and sustainability results are establishing best practices in product design, marketing, branding and business operations. Continue reading

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10 Sustainable Branding Best Practices, Unilever and Sketches

dove-sketchConsumers are engaged in sea-changing search for businesses that are authentic in their commitment to customers. According to a Harris Interactive survey, 44% of Americans have a “poor” or “terrible” opinion of Corporate America. Less than a third of Americans view Corporate America as “very good” or “good.” Only 9 percent of U.S. consumers believe brands improve their lives. 93 percent of Americans would not care if brands disappeared!

Ten dimensions of a great brand

20th Century brand success was based upon offering customers “more, bigger, faster, cheaper” and delivering these benefits “now!” The 21st Century consumer, enabled through mobile and social digital technologies, are redefining what a brand must offer to attract them and win them as customers. The American consumer is actively searching for brands that align value with values.

Market research is documenting ten dimensions a brand needs to competitively engage customers on their issues of value and values. These ten dimensions are: Continue reading

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Green Sells: Rainforest Alliance’s Shop The Frog!

tumblr_m2lbt0V5EI1rna2rmo1_500Rainforest Alliance is proving that green products win customers and grow sales. Impressively, Rainforest Alliance certified chocolates now represent 10% of the world’s chocolate sales. Their certified teas have 12% worldwide market share. Approximately 15% of all bananas are Rainforest Alliance certified. The business success generated by the Rainforest Alliance has attracted hundreds of alliance partners including Unilever, Yogi Tea and Clif Bar. Continue reading

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Winning Sales With The $1.3 Trillion (and greener) Latina

imagesLatinas have emerged as a major business opportunity for businesses. Their $1.3 trillion of annual buying power is equal to Mexico’s annual Gross Domestic Production! They are also sophisticated consumers seeking products that align with their triple bottom line focus upon their family’s budget, strong health concerns and motivation to preserve their family heritage. There are four keys to winning sales with the $1.3 Trillion (and greener) Latina consumer. Continue reading

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