What If Electric Cars Win

Bill Roth at 2016 NAIAS with all electric Chevy Bolt

Bill Roth at 2016 NAIAS with all electric Chevy Bolt

The U.S. last year bought a record 17 million gasoline powered cars and trucks. To most Americans the idea of driving an electric car is a “California thing.”

But this perception of electric cars will soon be tested. In 2017 both GM and Tesla will be selling all electric cars with a single charge 200 miles driving range and a less than $30,000 price after incentives.

These electric cars will also be cheaper to fuel than gasoline cars even at $2 per gallon gasoline. Refueling an electric car from the utility grid costs about 75 cents per gallon equivalent. An increasing number of homeowners are buying their own solar system and refueling their electric cars for “free.” Continue reading

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Three Surprising Reasons For Low Oil Prices

petrol-996617_1280The smiles on our faces while pumping gasoline comes from a historic 50% fall in oil prices. Most news commentators point to an oil over supply as the reason. But that begs the question of why? Since 1974 OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has curtailed oil supplies to raise prices and profits. What has changed that is causing oil producers to keep on pumping oil in the face of lower prices?

Steve Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics at The John Hopkins University uses Net Present Value analysis to suggest why oil producers are selling so much oil at today’s low prices. In laymen terms, he suggests oil producers are harvesting the proverbial bird in hand because they know that the two in the tree are taking flight. And if so, what does that mean to us, the future for low pump prices and our environment? Continue reading

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New CDC Report Documents Our Weight Crisis

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothThe CDC’s most recent study documents how much weight we have gained since 1994. On average, white, non-Hispanic women have added almost 18 pounds while African American women have added 22 pounds. White, non-Hispanic men have added approximately 16 pounds and African American men have added 18 pounds. A 11 year boy is over 13 pounds heavier than in 1994 and a 11 year old girl is 7+ pounds heavier.

This latest CDC study further documents that we are in a national weight crisis, most especially among the Boomer Generation where 72% of this generation’s men and 67% of the women are overweight or obese. The health care costs tied to our weight is crushing us, and our nation, with a financial burden we cannot afford. Continue reading

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Tesla S vs Toyota Mirai Test Drive Comparison

Tesla S Bill Roth Founder Earth 2017 Green Business CoachTesla and Toyota are driving a titanic technology battle over the future of cars. Tesla is launching disruptive technologies tied to electric batteries and autonomous driving. Toyota has launched the Mirai that uses hydrogen as the world’s disruptive fuel solution.

I have test driven the Mirai and Tesla S. Both are stunning cars. This article summarizes my thoughts on what each of these cars could mean for our future. Continue reading

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California Proves Clean Tech Is Good Business

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachCalifornia is now the sixth largest economy in the world. It’s economy is twice the size of Texas. The state’s 3+% annual economic growth rate exceeds all other states and most countries.

This scale of California’s economic success has been achieved while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 36%. California has installed over 3,000 MWs of solar. This is more than any other state. The state’s 4,000+ clean technology patents and clean technology investment also leads all other states.

California’s success is slamming the door on the Industrial Age link between economic growth and fossil fuel consumption. California is pioneering the carbon free economy. Continue reading

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Five Ways Smart Buildings Grow Profits

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachSmart buildings use the Internet of Things (IoT) plus artificial intelligence (AI) to increase productivity. This emerging mega trend that will reshape how businesses make money. These technologies are an emerging focus for a majority of businesses. For example, a Vodafone survey found 63% of surveyed businesses planned to implement IoT technologies within the next year.

Building operations is where most businesses begin their focus on smart building technologies. Today’s next generation LED lighting systems integrate AI and IoT to lower costs and reduce emissions while also enhancing the human experience. These “autonomous” lighting systems do things like adjust, or even turn off, the lights by windows during daylight hours while maintaining light levels for locations further removed from windows.

But the real future for smart buildings is to disruptively move beyond building operations and into business transformation. Already retailer are experimenting with “spotlighting” where a customer is recognized by a smart building and then engaged through the customer’s wearables, smart phone or in-store visual displays. Continue reading

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Is Hydrogen Fueled Toyota Mirai A Disruptive Technology

Earth 2017 Founder Bill Roth test-drives the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai.

Earth 2017 Founder Bill Roth test-drives the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai.

Toyota has branded the Mirai hydrogen fueled car as a technology turning point. And for good reason. The Mirai is a technology wonder. This article profiles my test drive of a car that stunned me with its speed and handling.

But does the Mirai represent a disruptive technology? Will it win the emerging market share war between electric cars and today’s gasoline cars? Or will the real disruptive technology be autonomous vehicles? Continue reading

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