Five Great Vacation Weight Loss Tips

Bill Roth The Boomer Generation DietVacations are suppose to be fun. But how can they be if you are trying to lose weight? Not a problem on The Boomer Generation Diet. This diet’s success is based on best practices that seems improbable: losing weight, having fun and living more!

Don’t stress. Instead lose weight!

Stress causes weight gain. We know that but we still stress out. We still gain weight.

The number one best practices for achieving vacation weight loss is to use this time away from it all to reduce stress. Vacations are suppose to be fun. Have you really designed yours to be so?

Or have you loaded it up stress? Are you trying to cram too much in for the vacation time available? Are you trying to please everyone else and increasing your personal stress?

A best practice for achieving vacation weight loss is to plan a vacation around reducing stress. Do activities that are fun. Especially do things that takes your mind off of work. Pace your vacation time by building in break time. My personal favorite is an afternoon nap. What a luxury. Boy do I have more energy and a sense of calm after a vacation nap! Continue reading

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GenZe 2.0 Electric Scooter Generates Zero Emissions Fun

Clean tech urban solutions Bill Roth Earth 2017 green business coachHow many times do you smile on the way to work? Everyday would be the answer if you rode the just released GenZe 2.0 all electric scooter. It is zero emissions fun.

The GenZe 2.0 is designed to be a solution to urban pollution and grid lock. From Atlanta to Beijing, the world’s cities have hit the wall in terms of cramming more fossil fueled vehicles into a city. Sitting in traffic blowing out fumes is now a high and unnecessary urban cost measured by lost human productivity and health impacts. The growing numbers of electric vehicles like the GenZe 2.0 offer cost effective, and fun, solutions. Continue reading

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How Behavioral Economics Impacts You and Our Planet

Clean tech urban solutions Bill Roth Earth 2017 green business coachHere we go again. Pump prices have fallen from the painful historic highs of just a few years ago. In response, Americans are buying in record numbers trucks and SUVs with comparatively low MPG. Have you noticed that gasoline prices are going up?

We are repeating history. After the 1974 Oil Embargo we bought fuel efficient vehicles that reduced gasoline demand. Reduced demand, along with increased supply, contributed to reduced pump prices in the 1980’s. Then with lower gasoline prices we started buying gas guzzlers again. That created the demand that led to $5 per gallon gasoline.

And now we are doing it again!

This is evidence of what I call worse information economics. This is where we use the “worse” information versus “better” information to make a decision. For example, we buy cars and trucks based on today’s pump prices. That is “worse” information compared to “better” information based on either historical experience or an understanding that there is a price cycle for gasoline that ultimately trends higher over time. Continue reading

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Four Keys to Growing Clean Tech Jobs and Your Economy

Clean tech cities Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachThe best kept secret in America is that clean tech is a mega job creator. America has approximately 563,000 electric utility work associates. California alone has created over 500,000 “advanced energy” jobs. Nationally there are over 800,000 people employed in energy efficiency.

Clean tech not only accounts for a large number of jobs. Importantly, it creates local jobs. These are jobs that every state and city can have.

They are also steady jobs. Real estate and fossil fuel bubbles come and go. Reducing costs and emissions is a mega trend that is gaining strength during the 21st century.

So how does a community realize this job and economic development potential? California offers real world insights. The great news is that this is not rocket science that is open only to a narrow group of experts. Smart/clean tech is a mass market opportunity that every community can harvest. To grow jobs you don’t have to invent it. You just have to sell it, install it, maintain and repair it. Continue reading

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Top Three Ways To Make Sure The Biggest Losers Weight Loss Study Does Not Apply To You

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothThe press has been filled with stories about a study showing participants in the Biggest Losers TV show regaining their weight. The press is using this study to suggest that weight loss is not sustainable. That it is our destiny to wear plus size clothing.

That is just wrong. The overwhelming body of health research has documented that sustained weight loss is achievable. My research shows that weight loss is not only achievable but that there are best practices for losing weight plus enjoying life more. Continue reading

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Will California TOU Pricing Create A Consumer Revolt or Technology Revolution

Golden Gate Bridge Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachCalifornia is embarking on a disruptive strategy for growing consumer adoption of smart/clean electricity technologies. Starting in 2019 the state’s three investor owned utilities, serving 80% of the state’s electricity customers, will launch Time Of Use (TOU) pricing for residential consumers. The utilities are now signing up volunteer residential customers to refine price designs based on actual customer reactions.

The question confronting California’s strategy is whether high prices charged to residential consumers during peak periods is a “bridge too far?” Will residential customers respond by buying smart and cleaner technologies to access lower prices? Or will they vote in revolt? Continue reading

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Five Technologies Driving California’s Clean IoT Electricity Strategy

San Francisco California Bill RothCalifornia is again driving the world toward technologies that will disrupt how we live and work. This time California’s focus is on commercializing clean tech. The state is pioneering technologies to achieve a 40% reduction in climate changing emissions by 2030.

But that is just the environmental element of California’s technology strategy. California seeks to make clean electricity flowing through a smart Internet of Things (IoT) system the world’s dominate energy system. California’s ambitiously seeks to redesign the world’s cars, homes and businesses to do more, cheaper and cleaner.

This is not a watermelon strategy. California sees a gold rush opportunity to be the global clean tech/smart IoT technology leader. This strategy is an integral part of California’s economic development ambitions. It is already demonstrating results. California is growing its economy faster than the U.S. economy while also reducing climate changing emissions.

The first of this two part series profiled the four drivers behind California’s tech ambitions for a clean, lower cost and smart IoT electricity system. This second article identifies the five technologies California is commercializing to deliver a clean/smart IoT electricity system that will change how we live, what we drive and how we operate our businesses. Continue reading

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