Must Have Healthy Digital Wearable For Generation Z

KidPower-heroUnicef and Target, in collaboration with Disney, are launching a Fitbit-like wearable device for kids that has the potential of being this Holiday Season’s hottest gift. If it does become the gift sales winner for 2015 it will not because it promotes exercise. It will be a sales success because it is a cool wearable with Star Wars branding that enables Generation Z (those aged 10-16) to make a difference. This new wearable holds the potential being yet another cool with a purpose marketing best practice proven to win millennial generation, and now Generation Z, customers! Continue reading

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CSR Wins Customers And Sells Products

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachJust released surveys point to exploding consumer interest in buying healthy, green products. The even better news for businesses is that 66% of surveyed consumers say they will pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact. The business bottom line is that adopting corporate social responsibility is the path to growing sales without damaging price competition. Continue reading

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Hispanic Super Consumers Are Mobile And Green

The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business CoachHow mobile and online is the Hispanic Consumer? Nielsen conducted a recent survey and concluded that Hispanics are Super Consumers of mobile and mobile shopping. Increasingly, the sales path to the Hispanic consumer is through their smart phone. Continue reading

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The $250 Trillion Cost Of Climate Change And Obesity

Bill Roth Earth 2017 author of The Secret Green Sauce green business coach public speakerThe economic ramifications from continuing the 20th Century’s economic model, where unsustainable extraction and pollution conveys competitive advantage, is coming into sharp focus. Citigroup now projects a staggering $72 TRILLION global cost tied to man-made climate change during the 21st Century. This is an almost incomprehensible scale of economic damage that is equal to losing four years of the United States’ entire Gross Domestic Production. Continue reading

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The $250 Trillion Green Economic Revolution

Bill Roth Earth 2017 author of The Secret Green Sauce green business coach public speakerClimate change economics is emerging as a disruptive mega-trend driven by estimates that the cost of global climate change will be a staggering $72 trillion. This scale of cost is unprecedented in human history. The only comparative I could find was that the cost of climate change is four times larger than the United State’s annual Gross Domestic Production. The sheer scale of climate change costs can no longer be disputed or ignored by governments, businesses or consumers. Climate change economics will reshape world economies, industries and consumer behaviors resulting in a Green Economic Revolution. Continue reading

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Economists Ask If Energy Efficiency Is A Good Investment

As if we economists do not stir up enough trouble by pontificating on national monetary policy we have now hit the hornet nest on energy efficiency. Recent economic analysis points to The Secret Green Sauce By Bill Roth, Green Business Coachenergy efficiency investments delivering as little as half their promoted savings. This is more than a little upsetting to an environmental community attempting to protect humanity from global warming. Will we investigate Santa Claus next? Continue reading

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Five Demographic Megatrends Driving Your Business Success

Millennial selfieFive demographic megatrends are now driving business success. What you sell, who you sell to and how you sell it is being disrupted by these megatrends. Companies like Apple and Netflix that align with these megatrends are realizing explosive customer growth. Companies like McDonalds and your local cable company are struggling with these demographic mega-shift and their ability to retain customers. Here are the five demographic megatrends that are driving 21st Century business success: Continue reading

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