Four Steps To A Thanksgiving Weight Loss Plan

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothDoes Thanksgiving stress you out? It used to be so stressful for me. There is so much GREAT tasting food. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, YUM!

Now I enjoy Thanksgiving stress-free. I can do so because I have a plan for enjoying Thanksgiving while still continuing my weight loss journey. Here are four key elements of my plan. Continue reading

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Shocking Insights On The Food We Eat

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothA new study was published that found eating broccoli and avocados will make us look younger! And it gets even better. Research has found that the nicotinamide mono nucleotide in these foods, when consumed at a heavy dosage, delivers these additional benefits:

  • better skeletal muscle
  • improved liver and eye function
  • enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • improved immune function
  • increased physical activity levels.

Here’s some ever better news. Americans are eating more broccoli. The U.S. Agriculture Department estimates we eat about 8 pounds of broccoli per year. This is almost double our consumption of broccoli from 1990. Feel good about that when you have some broccoli this week!

BUT…now compare those 8 pounds of broccoli to the approximately ONE TON (1,996 pounds) of food we individually eat each year.

Some shocking insights on what we consume!

Even thought we are eating more healthy foods like broccoli we are still in a national weight crisis. Here are the facts that explain why:

  • We eat about a TON of food every year!
  • We consume 630 pounds of diary products. We are talking about milk, cheese, and ice cream. That represents 31% of the ton of food we eat annually.
  • The good news is that we eat 415 pounds of vegetables. The bad news is that most of that is corn and potatoes. Think french fries and corn on the comb slathered with butter. Not good for our health and weight loss.
  • We eat an equal amount of meat and grains. We consume 197 pounds of grains (bread) and 185 pounds of meat (beef, chicken, pork).
  • We consume almost as much sweetener as grains and meat! We consume 141 pounds of sweetener. Think soda.

Continue reading

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Millennials Are Pushing Fast Foods Off The Table

Millennials And Food Earth 2017 Bill Roth McDonald’s just reported a 3% revenue decline. This is a stunning reversal in the company’s history. From 2005 to 2013 McDonald’s grew revenues by almost 50% or $10 billion.

Why did McDonald’s see their sales fall? In a word, millennials! Continue reading

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Build Your Business Success With Six Green Best Practices

Did you know that today over a dozen companies sell more than a billion dollars EVERY YEAR in green products?

Here are some examples:

Costco is now the largest organic food retailer. They sell $4 billion of organic food annually.

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachWalmart has developed their own Sustainability Index to qualify vendors and products. Today the products that quality under this Sustainability Index account for $1.5 billion in sales.

Toyota sells 1.4 billion hybrid vehicles annually. This represents 17% of there annual sales growth.

Tesla is launching the model 3. It is an all electric car selling for $35,000 before tax incentives with a 200 mile range on a full charge. When Tesla announced this new model it received $10 billion in pre-orders. Continue reading

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Clif Bar Proves That Corporate Social Responsibility Wins Customers

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachClif Bar is proving that corporate social responsibility wins customers. They are growing at a 17% annual compounded growth rate. That is exceptional in an economy struggling to achieve 3% growth. Further so, they are achieving 17% compounded annual growth by running their business to achieve five aspirations for profits, brand, people, community and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility is not a business function like finance or operations at Clif Bar. Being purposeful is at the core of who they are and how they measure performance. It is their secret sauce for winning customers in the highly competitive food market segment. Continue reading

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Green Giants Provide That Going Green Win Customers

Green Giants by Freya Williams with Earth 2017 green business coach Bill RothOur 21st century economy is being reshaped by consumers searching for “in me, on me and around” solutions. Examples of this consumer activism abound. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds confront stagnate revenues as consumer search for foods that deliver on taste, price and health. A recent Gallup poll found that 73% of Americans want a strong emphasis on renewable energy. This compares to only 21% of Americans who feel the emphasis should be on fossil fuels. One manifestation of this consumer shift is that solar consistently represents over 50% of new generating capacity in the U.S.

The millennial generation is a key force driving the reshaping of our economy. The millennial generation is increasingly displacing the boomer generation in the workforce and buying power. Millennials place an increased emphasis on business social responsibility in deciding what to buy and who to work for.

The cumulative impact of these mega trends is a multi-trillion dollar global Green Economic Revolution. A new generations of green companies are emerging. These companies are using innovations in clean tech, organic agriculture, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to deliver products that align value with values. Think autonomous cars, net zero energy buildings and farm-to-fork restaurants as examples of how sustainability innovation is reshaping our economy, the environment and individual businesses.

The question is how does your business harvest this growth opportunity? Continue reading

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Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothThere is a reason why we keep failing at sustained weight loss. We get motivated by the promise of losing ten pounds in ten days. But we fail because the focus is on performance.

I know this is counterintuitive. Everything in our society is about performance. The business success model is to measure, act and audit. When we apply that to dieting and exercise we experience hunger, pain and performance anxiety. Our bathroom scale becomes our enemy. We feel failure. We stop our weight loss journey.

The Boomer Generation Diet is a breakout path from hunger, denial, pain and stress.

Its secret is to approach the weight loss journey as a path to a richer and more enjoyable life. The Boomer Generation Diet provides tools to create a path of discovery where we experience new tastes that surprise and delight. We discover how to play again. We discover that you can lose weight, have fun and live more+. Continue reading

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