Lose Big Food To Lose Weight

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothThe health research is conclusive. Too much salt in our diet increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. How big a deal is this? One us will die of heart disease every 40 SECONDS!

What is the government doing to protect us from food companies putting too much salt in their products? The FDA is the agency established to protect our food supply. Their actions on behalf of controlling salt in our food is to engage in “…a dialogue with the industry.”

Why is government not doing more? It can be explained in one word, lobbying. Big Food is actively lobbying to protect their ability to load our food with salt because this is a proven path to higher sales and profits. Salt sells!

The issue of salt and Big Food lobbying is not an isolated incident. For example, the Senate just passed GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling legislation that was heavily shaped by Big Food lobbying. Big Food does not want to show on their food and drink labels that they are using genetically modified ingredients. The state of Vermont passed the first law requiring them to do so. Big Food lobbyist ran to Congress for protection. The result is federal GMO labeling legislation that says Big Food has to reveal their use of GMOs but not on their labels! Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy labeled this legislation a “farce.” Continue reading

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Autonomous LED Lighting Is Driving Smart Building Revolution

Smart LED lighting enables businesses to monitor customer in store traffic patterns

Smart LED lighting enables businesses to monitor customer in store traffic patterns

Our homes or offices are now the dumbest thing in our lives. We can talk to our smartphones. A growing number of our cars can park themselves. But our buildings just sit there making us do the work of running them.

That is about to radically change. Our buildings are on the cusp of a digital transformation. Surprisingly, it is the humble light bulb that will the enabling disruptive technology. Continue reading

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Building A Sustainability Business Culture

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachThe business case for sustainability has been proven. Today there are over a dozen companies reporting one billion dollars or more in annual revenues from the sale of green products.

It is a rare business that has not taken some type of sustainability initiative. Most of the time it is tied to saving money through reducing energy consumption. The results are almost always a successful 1-3 year financial payback or equal to a 33-50% annual return on investment!

So the question is why are not more businesses aggressively incorporating sustainability into their business culture? A related question is what are the best practices of those companies that are embedding sustainability into their business culture? Continue reading

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Three Keys To Winning Explosive Green Sales Growth

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachGoing green is proving to be the path to explosive sales growth. Pioneering companies selling everything from soap (Unilever) to cars (Tesla) are winning customers and generating billions in revenues by offering more sustainable products. Today Unilever generates half of its sales growth from its Sustainable Living product line. Tesla just won $14 billion in pre-orders for its Model 3 electric car. A dozen companies now generate over one billion in annual sales of sustainable products.

Yet most companies still struggle with selling green products. Here are some of the fatal flaws in a company’s typical sales (and sustainability) messaging:

  • Fact based. Facts inform. They do not engage. And too often the facts are focused on what is important to the seller.
  • Fear. “The earth is dying from heat!” This type of fear motivating messaging does gain attention. But the attention is like touching a hot stove. Reaction but not sales conversion.
  • Jargon. We love our LCA and ZNE acronyms. Using them creates a communication barrier not unlike speaking a foreign language. For a listener it raises questions and potential mistrust.
  • Immediacy. Saving the world and mankind is a compelling action item. But it is too big and long term for most of us. Effective sales communications creates a path to an immediate action.

Continue reading

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Can A Company Be Green If It Is Damaging Human Health

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachNewsweek has ranked Coca Cola as the ninth greenest company in the world. Coke earned this recognition by doing things like pioneering bioplastic bottles. But how does Newsweek’s recognition reconcile with their signature soda being “…considered a major contributor to health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay?” This begs the question, should we applaud companies like Coca Cola that are taking leadership in reducing their environmental impacts? Or should we recognize that less bad is no longer good enough? Continue reading

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Ford Sustainability Focus On Electric Autonomous Mobility

Ford Electric Cars NAIAS Bill Roth Green Business Coach Earth 2017Ford has published its 2015 sustainability report entitled “Accelerating Today for a Better Tomorrow.” This report is an expansive survey of Ford’s global efforts in sustainability and technology.

It is also a candid and realistic summary of where Ford is today and their future goals for technology innovations that will advance planet and human sustainability. Ford is transparent in recognizing that their efforts still have “one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow.” Ford Executive Chairman William Clay Ford summarizes the challenge as “…reinventing this company to make it incredibly relevant for the next 50 years.” Continue reading

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Five Great Vacation Weight Loss Tips

Bill Roth The Boomer Generation DietVacations are suppose to be fun. But how can they be if you are trying to lose weight? Not a problem on The Boomer Generation Diet. This diet’s success is based on best practices that seems improbable: losing weight, having fun and living more!

Don’t stress. Instead lose weight!

Stress causes weight gain. We know that but we still stress out. We still gain weight.

The number one best practices for achieving vacation weight loss is to use this time away from it all to reduce stress. Vacations are suppose to be fun. Have you really designed yours to be so?

Or have you loaded it up stress? Are you trying to cram too much in for the vacation time available? Are you trying to please everyone else and increasing your personal stress?

A best practice for achieving vacation weight loss is to plan a vacation around reducing stress. Do activities that are fun. Especially do things that takes your mind off of work. Pace your vacation time by building in break time. My personal favorite is an afternoon nap. What a luxury. Boy do I have more energy and a sense of calm after a vacation nap! Continue reading

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