Big Food Myth That Eating Less Will Achieve Weight Loss

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill RothWe are in a national weight crisis. Big Food’s answer is to sell you smaller proportions. But research points to less is not more in terms of achieving sustained weight loss. We get hungry when we eat less food. Hunger is not sustainable because our bodies are built to satisfy hunger. That is why denial based dieting fails.
The fallacy that eating less will promote weight loss is at the heart of the Big Food industry’s marketing campaigning. Example products of their new wave of “eat/drink less” products include the 8 ounce Coke cans, McDonald’s testing a Big Mac Jr. and those sinfully wonderful “thin” Oreos. Continue reading

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Earth Day Commentary Asking Are We Watermelons

The Secret Green Sauce Bill Roth Earth 2017 Green Business CoachI was just called a watermelon on Facebook. Mirrors don’t lie. I must admit my bald round head does have a mellon shape. But they were not talking about my looks. Watermelons are people that are green on the outside and red in the middle. Get it? I was just called a communist!

The next question is whether you will be called a watermelon too? Continue reading

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Should Your Company Ban Soda

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017Reebok has banned soda at their U.S. headquarters. Is this a wakeup call for other businesses to be more involved on food issues impacting human health? Or is this a hornet nest that CEOs and business owners should avoid at all costs? Continue reading

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Top Five CSR Actions That Win Millennial Customers

Millennials CSR Sustainability Bill Roth Earth 2017Millennials are driving a corporate social responsibility (CSR) revolution that is disrupting every company’s marketing strategy. For millennials, CSR is not an activity or organizational department. They view CSR as the foundational element for product design, function and end of product life repurposing.

This CSR revolution has hit marketing and sales right between the eyes. Brands are now boomer generation dinosaurs.

Cool with a purpose” is what influences millennial purchases. A product is cool if it offers diverse social experiences, affordable prices and seamless integration into their digital lifestyles. But cool is not enough to keep a millennial customer.

Millennials also want to buy purpose. They are repurposing CSR from a staff function inside a business to an integrated feature incorporated in the products they buy. Continue reading

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Healthy Foods Achieve Mass Market Sales Levels

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017The biggest news from the Natural Product Expo 2016 was that the sale of healthy foods is now mainstream. A record 43% of Americans now say they make their food and beverage purchases using the criteria of human and environmental health. Healthier food is on the threshold of being what the majority of Americans eat. Continue reading

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Top Four Ways to Know If You Are A Food Voter?

The Boomer Generation Diet by Bill Roth Founder of Earth 2017Life is getting complicated for numbers guys like me trying to place people in category buckets for analysis. For example, in today’s political environment how do you define a Republican or a Democrat? The fact that the answer to this question is no longer obvious, or attractive, is why a record 43% of us now describe ourselves as political independents. Independent or “none of the above” is now America’s largest political demographic group.

Political parties and business marketing organizations are in a crisis as consumers/voters abandon brands, whether it is the brand of a political party or of a product. Market research finds consumers and voters are moving past brand messaging to evaluate individuals, and individual products, based on their authenticity and transparency. Arising from the ashes of brand dissatisfaction and mistrust is a new demographic called the consumer/voter. One such example is the food voter. Food voters use their pocket books, and increasingly their vote, to select foods, food suppliers and politicians based on their support of values like sustainable sourcing of food, food label transparency and health claim authenticity. Continue reading

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Will Millennials and Boomers Unite or Fight Over Sustainability

Bill Roth on the sustainability challenge facing millennials and the boomer generationThe rise of millennials and the aging of the boomer generation is reshaping America. In 2017 50% of the U.S. population will be 50 years old or older. In 2017 the millennial generation will become both America’s most employed demographic group and the demographic group with the largest buying power. The best way to visualize these demographic mega trends is to envision two tectonic plates moving past each other. Continue reading

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