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A car technology revolution is taking place with higher efficiency engines, flex-fuel engines, biomass fuels including ethanol, hybrids, plug-in electric and the growth of automobile use in China, India and other emerging markets

Oil Price Collapse And America’s Technology Crossroads

The oil industry has done a great job of self-promoting their increased production capacity as the reason for the collapse in oil and gasoline prices. Let’s get the facts right. The world has been, and continues to be, awash with … Continue reading

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Auto Industry Drives Toward Sustainable Profits

The auto industry has stopped waiting for governments to enact energy policy. Responding to their customers’ concerns on pump prices and emissions the auto industry is taking the initiative by launching price-competitive cars and trucks that met consumer expectations on … Continue reading

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Ford Bets The Company On Aluminum F-150 PickUp Truck

Ford Motor Company has bet its future on the launch of a precedent-setting aluminum body F-150 pickup truck. This is no small bet. The F-150 is the number one selling vehicle in America. It has been the number one selling … Continue reading

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How To Cut Your Fuel Costs By 15 Cents Per Gallon!

Here’s the easiest and least-costly way to reduce your pain at the fuel pump. Everyday we collectively waste four million gallons of gasoline due to low tire pressure. It is estimated that a quarter of our automobiles and about a … Continue reading

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Green Sells: Ford’s Commitment To Sustainability Drives Sales Success

Ford’s sales growth is proving that competitively priced, well-designed products that are more sustainable will outsell less-sustainable products. Ford’s line-up of fuel-efficient cars and trucks that deliver lower tail pipe emissions are selling at a record pace. In June 2012 … Continue reading

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Electric Car Price War!

An electric car price war is now offering unbeatable cost savings. The time to lease a new EV is NOW! The deals just keep on coming. Most recently Honda slashed the lease price on its EV Fit to only $259 … Continue reading

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Electric Cargo Van Solution To Business Pain At The Pump

While the horsepower buzz at the North American International Auto Show was the absolutely stunning Corvette and the Cadillac ELR all-electric coup was standing room only for the press I thought the most important vehicle was hidden in the far … Continue reading

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