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A car technology revolution is taking place with higher efficiency engines, flex-fuel engines, biomass fuels including ethanol, hybrids, plug-in electric and the growth of automobile use in China, India and other emerging markets

What If Electric Cars Win

The U.S. last year bought a record 17 million gasoline powered cars and trucks. To most Americans the idea of driving an electric car is a “California thing.” But this perception of electric cars will soon be tested. In 2017 … Continue reading

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Tesla S vs Toyota Mirai Test Drive Comparison

Tesla and Toyota are driving a titanic technology battle over the future of cars. Tesla is launching disruptive technologies tied to electric batteries and autonomous driving. Toyota has launched the Mirai that uses hydrogen as the world’s disruptive fuel solution. … Continue reading

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Is Hydrogen Fueled Toyota Mirai A Disruptive Technology

Toyota has branded the Mirai hydrogen fueled car as a technology turning point. And for good reason. The Mirai is a technology wonder. This article profiles my test drive of a car that stunned me with its speed and handling. … Continue reading

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Ford Sustainability Focus On Electric Autonomous Mobility

Ford has published its 2015 sustainability report entitled “Accelerating Today for a Better Tomorrow.” This report is an expansive survey of Ford’s global efforts in sustainability and technology. It is also a candid and realistic summary of where Ford is … Continue reading

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GenZe 2.0 Electric Scooter Generates Zero Emissions Fun

How many times do you smile on the way to work? Everyday would be the answer if you rode the just released GenZe 2.0 all electric scooter. It is zero emissions fun. The GenZe 2.0 is designed to be a … Continue reading

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How Behavioral Economics Impacts You and Our Planet

Here we go again. Pump prices have fallen from the painful historic highs of just a few years ago. In response, Americans are buying in record numbers trucks and SUVs with comparatively low MPG. Have you noticed that gasoline prices … Continue reading

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How Electric Cars Promote Weight Loss

No, the answer to how electric cars promote weight loss is not because they run out of electricity and you have to walk more. I have been driving the plug-in electric Chevy Volt for a week. While the Volt’s batteries … Continue reading

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