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Economic insights and trends on globalization, U.S. economy and the Green Economic Revolution.

How 2014 Oil Price Collapse Threatens Sustainability

1980 was the last time we had an oil price collapse. Americans buying fuel efficient vehicles created the 1980 oil price collapse just as they have contributed toward today’s oil price collapse. But what consumers did in response to lower … Continue reading

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Oil Price Collapse And America’s Technology Crossroads

The oil industry has done a great job of self-promoting their increased production capacity as the reason for the collapse in oil and gasoline prices. Let’s get the facts right. The world has been, and continues to be, awash with … Continue reading

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Demographic Tumult Drives Emerging Sustainable Economy

A demographic tumult is pushing America toward a sustainable economy. This demographic tumult is the nexus of an aging boomer generation, the emergence of the millennial generation as America’s economic powerhouse and the growing role of women. Each of these … Continue reading

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California Climate Tax Reduces Electric Bills!

Have you ever broken out into a smile from opening your electric bill? I just did when I opened this month’s bill and saw I owed $4.91. At first I though there must have been a mistake. But after much … Continue reading

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Five CSR Game Changers That Will Drive 2014 Profits

In 2013 corporate social responsibility moved from “do good” actions to being a business best practice. The following five 2014 CSR game changers will accelerate the links between profits, environmental responsibility and social good:

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Economic Development Leaders: Top Ten Clean Tech Cities

Clean tech is now driving economic development. Global sales of more sustainable goods and services passed the milestone of $1 trillion in sales. Current growth rates project that by 2017 the global trade in more sustainable goods and services could … Continue reading

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A Green Stock Investment Revolution

My current economic analysis points to the following three drivers behind the emergance of a green stock investment revolution for 2013. Driver #1: Emerging Sustainability Accounting Standards The accounting industry has now started down the path toward developing accounting principals … Continue reading

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