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The Green Economic Revolution and how it is restoring jobs, local communities and their environment.

California Economy Achieves Growth With Less Pollution

California is achieving superior and sustained economic growth while also reducing climate changing pollution. At a time when the California economy is growing faster than the U.S. economy the California Air Resources Board reports that the State has reduced greenhouse … Continue reading

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Solar Is Getting Weird

The California solar homeowners I work with are acting pretty “weird” compared to the rest of America. This summer when the rest of America will be keeping their thermostats set at higher than desired levels to avoid the dreaded high … Continue reading

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California Climate Tax Reduces Electric Bills!

Have you ever broken out into a smile from opening your electric bill? I just did when I opened this month’s bill and saw I owed $4.91. At first I though there must have been a mistake. But after much … Continue reading

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A Green Stock Investment Revolution

My current economic analysis points to the following three drivers behind the emergance of a green stock investment revolution for 2013. Driver #1: Emerging Sustainability Accounting Standards The accounting industry has now started down the path toward developing accounting principals … Continue reading

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2013 U.S. Investor Outlook: Five 2013 Sustainability Stock Investments

Here is my economic outlook of 2013 sustainability trend lines that U.S. stock investors should consider either running toward or away from: Run From Coal Coal is a fuel that the world increasingly cannot afford. Yes, on a therm of … Continue reading

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Did Hurricane Sandy Break Climate Science Silence?

News anchors are describing Hurricane Sandy as a once in a lifetime event. Climate science suggests it is only the beginning. The question is whether Hurricane Sandy is the climate change event that reawakens awareness by the media and consumers … Continue reading

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Price Is The Ultimate Sustainability Metric

Price is one of mankind’s most effective communications tools. It will also prove to be the ultimate sustainability metric. Here’s why. 85% of consumers say they will buy a more sustainable good or service versus a less sustainable one if … Continue reading

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