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Economic insights and trends on globalization, U.S. economy and the Green Economic Revolution.

Did Hurricane Sandy Break Climate Science Silence?

News anchors are describing Hurricane Sandy as a once in a lifetime event. Climate science suggests it is only the beginning. The question is whether Hurricane Sandy is the climate change event that reawakens awareness by the media and consumers … Continue reading

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Price Is The Ultimate Sustainability Metric

Price is one of mankind’s most effective communications tools. It will also prove to be the ultimate sustainability metric. Here’s why. 85% of consumers say they will buy a more sustainable good or service versus a less sustainable one if … Continue reading

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Construction Recycling Best Practices

Success in recycling and repurposing materials/fixtures can make the difference on whether a construction project comes in on budget in today’s still-depressed construction industry. Two factors are driving this trend. The first is the increasing value real estate buyers and … Continue reading

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How Global Warming Is Impacting Stock Prices

Heat waves and droughts magnified by global warming are exacting an economic tax on America’s middle class through higher prices and increased health care costs. Now this global warming tax is hitting the stock valuations of American companies. Global warming’s … Continue reading

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Global Warming’s Economic Tax Upon The Middle Class

Global warming can now be thought of as an economic tax on the middle class based upon a recent NOAA report found that 56 percent of the continental U.S. is currently experiencing drought. Drought enhanced by global warming is reducing … Continue reading

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TOP FIVE Videos On Green Business Best Practices

Looking for answers on how to grow your business? These are the top five videos based upon viewer hits on the Earth 2017 YouTube Video Library: #1 Trisha Jung, Pricing The Nissan Leaf This video was taken at the launch … Continue reading

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Solar Rooftop Power’s $10 Billion Potential

$10 billion. That is the annual dollar amount of the potential roof top solar installations being proposed to customers by Clean Power Finance’s national network of 1,550 installers. Coal vs. solar’s potential Clean Power Finance is enabling this multi-billion dollar deal … Continue reading

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