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Millennials and Food Tech Are DrivIng America’s Top Ten Food Trends

Millennials, and an explosion of healthier new products enabled through future tech, are driving America past sodas and fast foods. Tellingly, a beverage milestone was achieved while I attended the 2017 Natural Product Expo West. Americans are now buying more … Continue reading

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Women Are From Spin Class and Men Are Lost In Space

WE JOINED A HEALTH CLUB a couple of months ago. My wife wanted more strenuous exercise than walking our dog Cooper. Proud of her. Her first month of exercise was defined by a machine that simulated walking up stairs. It … Continue reading

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New CDC Report Documents Our Weight Crisis

The CDC’s most recent study documents how much weight we have gained since 1994. On average, white, non-Hispanic women have added almost 18 pounds while African American women have added 22 pounds. White, non-Hispanic men have added approximately 16 pounds … Continue reading

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Lose Big Food To Lose Weight

The health research is conclusive. Too much salt in our diet increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. How big a deal is this? One us will die of heart disease every 40 SECONDS! What is the government doing … Continue reading

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Five Great Vacation Weight Loss Tips

Vacations are suppose to be fun. But how can they be if you are trying to lose weight? Not a problem on The Boomer Generation Diet. This diet’s success is based on best practices that seems improbable: losing weight, having … Continue reading

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Top Three Ways To Make Sure The Biggest Losers Weight Loss Study Does Not Apply To You

The press has been filled with stories about a study showing participants in the Biggest Losers TV show regaining their weight. The press is using this study to suggest that weight loss is not sustainable. That it is our destiny … Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Secrets of I Love Lucy!

What in the world could Lucy, Ethel, Fred and Ricky tells us about how to achieve sustained weight loss? It turns out that this dynamic foursome did have a secret sauce. It was team power. Big Food wants you to … Continue reading

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