Chevy Volt Goes Urban Gardening

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My town’s community garden is a magical place. On just one acre the Moraga Garden grows organic produce sold to some of the Bay Area’s top restaurants and grocery stores while also providing free vegetables to volunteers and local food banks. It is also a refuge offering reflection and tranquility within the complexity of urban life in San Francisco.

The Moraga Garden’s Full Moon Party is held on the weekend of a full moon where the garden volunteers gather together for pizza cooked on the Garden’s outdoor oven while enjoying fellowship around a roaring fire (even in the summer time after sunset in the Bay Area an outdoor fire is a welcomed experience).

So I brought the Chevy Volt to the Full Moon Party to show off and to see what my friends thought. I was never so popular!

First off, the Volt’s looks are a real show stopper. Many of these urban gardeners drive eco-friendly cars like the Prius. The Volt’s visual comparison is Mercedes or BMW.

“STOP talking and let me listen.”

That was a very common request by the Moraga Garden volunteers during their test drives. There is a sensation of quite while driving the Volt that has the type of appeal I experienced as a kid the first time I saw a color TV.

The volunteers at the Garden are also very informed on sustainability. Much of the evening conversation was about how urban gardening and driving cars like the Chevy Volt can be price solutions to the pain at our pump and grocery store cash registers.

The Moraga Gardens is part of the urban gardening boom that has now become an American mega-trend. I hope the new wave of cars like the Volt that offer lower emissions and 100 MPG performance become one too. As my son (the guy in the white T-shirt) says,

It’s America’s future!

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017, a company that connects businesses with customers who are searching for smart, healthy and green solutions. His book, The Secret Green Sauce, profiles best practices of businesses making money going green. He is implementing in 2011 an 11-city coaching program called Green Builds Business created by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation with funding by Walmart.




About Bill Roth

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017, author of The Secret Green Sauce and a nationally-followed contributor to, Triple Pundit, The Green Economy Post and Media Post on best business practices emerging from the smart, healthy and green global economy. He coaches entrepreneurs, business and community leaders on how to grow revenues, profits and jobs by going smart and green.
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  1. Marianne says:

    Good! Glad to hear the +++ about the Volt. Yes it is a great car! Being a native of Detroit – I am all for American cars! American can go green! Keep up the good work Bill!

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