“Bill’s coaching is unique. He mentors on best practices being pioneered by his national network of businesses and entrepreneurs who are succeeding at growing green revenues.”
Corey Williams, Director
Sustainable Tulsa


West Coast Utility
Design and implementation of a coaching outreach that successfully attracted business decision makers to the utility’s energy innovation center. The success in this assignment then led to the design and execution of a coaching outreach that successfully attracted hard-to-reach restaurant and food service business owners and managers to the utility’s “green kitchen” facility. 80% of participants “Strongly Agree” that “seminar will help me in my business” + “I am satisfied with the speaker-Bill Roth” + “I am satisfied with the seminar overall.”

Design and implementation of an 11 city coaching program for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce called Green Builds Business. This program was funded by Walmart. The program successfully attracted attendance by hundreds of small/mid-size business owners. Attendees were coached in their design and implementation of a sustainable project that would make money and a community/environmental difference within 90 days. The program also attracted attendance by community leaders and elected officials that generated numerous proclamations voted upon by city councils and state legislatures. Over 20+ million media and social media impressions were estimated to be generated by local, national and international media coverage.

1st Green Dentistry Conference
Collaborated with the Eco Dentistry Association in the launch of the first ever Green Dentistry Conference that attracted dentists from across the U.S. and Europe. Identified and secured the first corporate sponsorship. Served as first morning’s keynote speaker.

Coaching Topics

  • “Cool With A Purpose!” Winning The Millennial Generation Customer
  • Sucessfully Selling Into The $8 Trillion Concerned Caregivers Market Segment
  • Pricing: Sustainability Absolutely Supports Everyday Low Prices!
  • Social + Local + Mobile: The Marketing Path To Values-Driven Customers
  • Greening Of The Supply Chain: How To Sell To Sustainable CEOs
  • Green Teams Best Practices That Cut Costs + Improve Service

Javier Palomarez, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President
“Bill Roth has helped our members grow product revenues, win new customers, cut costs and create new jobs.”

Johnny Hernandez Co-Owner/Shop Manager JJH Auto Body and Paint LLC
“You have really helped us grow our business. This last quarter was the best quarter we have had since we opened our business…”

Blind Comments From Coached Utility Customers:
“What information was most useful? ALL.”
“I have never taken so many notes. Very informative.” “Love info.”
“I loved the breath & depth of Bill’s experience. I enjoyed perspectives portrayed about millennials, care givers and C-suite.”
“I cannot wait to read my new book, The Secret Green Sauce.”
“Great depth + breadth of knowledge-more please.”

Tonia Torrellas, President of It’s My Bag in Hicksville, New York:
“I am incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. I would like to thank the USHCC, Walmart and Bill Roth of Earth 2017 for bringing the Green Builds Business Program to my community and so many others throughout America.”

Alex Kamergorodsky, CPA, MS Bright Ideas | Co-founder & Vivid Visionary
“My business partner and I found the information you relayed very useful and will surely be applying it to our business.”

Francisco Trevino, President of the Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “We are innovative in our programs and services, especially on matters of ecology and sustainable strategies, which is a testament to the success of the USHCC’s Green Builds Business program.”

Nelson Soler, President of LEN/Owner of the Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute:
“We are very proud to co-host this program with the USHCC in Milwaukee. The Green Builds Business program will accelerate the growth of our local business and enhance our environment.”

Amber Simpson, VP US Bank
“I really enjoyed your (Bill Roth’s) lively presentation on “The Secret Green Sauce!” You presented some great insights into the opportunities for growth in the ‘smart, healthy and green space.”

Jack Haime, President, BioPlanet USA:
“It was a pleasure to meet you (Bill Roth) and learn so much from you yesterday.”

Glenn Charles, VP Wycliff Enterprises (minority contractor):
“Great Job! Excellent presentation, you had our attention from the very beginning.”

Nancy Navarro, Owner of Beautify:
“I know there is lots we can do to go green and I can’t wait to do it with the help and advice of Mr. Roth.”

Julieta Hernandez, Owner of Matrix Spa:
“Thanks to Bill Roth’s coaching and advice I have cut my building’s operating costs, improved its indoor air quality and expanded the sale of my all natural hand creams!”

Derrick Archuleta, MCRP
ARCH+PLAN Land Use Consultants
“I walked away with a wealth of information from the Green Builds Business program at the Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber. I’m looking forward to expanding this through personalized training with Mr. Roth.”

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