First Green Dentistry Conference

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A grassroots-developed set of best practices has now emerged among practicing dentists that increases customer satisfaction and customer health while reducing a dental practice’s environmental footprint. To advance this trend the first ever Green Dentistry Conference is being held on May 3 and 4 to share these green dentistry best practices with attending dentists from around the world.

An Idea From U.S. Bank!
The idea that sparked this conference came from U.S. Bank. One of their officers had attended a U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Green Builds Business coaching session I conducted in Miami. From this first introduction a dialogue evolved with various bank officers where we exploded how the bank’s financing capabilities could accelerate the adoption of green business best practices by local businesses. One bank officer suggested dentists as a target for this outreach effort. This suggestion propelled the development of the first ever Green Dentistry Conference. In support of this effort U.S. Bank is the conference’s lead sponsor.

Hosted By The Eco-Dentistry Association
As soon as I heard this idea by U.S. Bank I thought of Ina and Fred Pockrass. Fred is a pioneer in green dentistry with a practice in Berkeley California. His wife Ina is a co-founder of the Eco-Dentistry Association that was formed as a platform for likeminded dentist to share their green best practices. Their advisory board consists of practicing dentists from across the country that have greened their own practices. Ina and Fred immediately seized upon the idea and went to work developing an agenda that their experience told them would be helpful to dentists, their associates and patients.

Topics: Finance, Emerging Technologies, Attracting The Millennial Generation
The conference offers an impressive array of “A-listed dental experts” with real world experience and proven best practices to share.

Early arrivers for the first day will have the opportunity to participate in “Yoga Flow for the Dental Pro” conducted by Dr. David Hennington. Dr. Hennington is a practicing dentist that has developed a yoga routine designed for dentists.

The program will kick off with Ina and Fred introducing the concepts of green dentistry based upon the experiences of actual dentists. They will host an open dialogue with attendees on their experiences and surface questions attendees may have about green dentistry.

I will then outline the business case for going green. I will review how green builds business by profiling best practices in pricing, marketing, branding and operations that are proven to win customers and reduce costs. One key area of focus will be the opportunity for winning Millennial Generation customers searching for businesses that align with their human health and environmental concerns.

The next panel builds upon this theme that green builds business by profiling best practices in dental office design that are cost effective, customer centric and environmentally responsible. The speakers on this panel will be James Kuester, a LEED Green Associate and noted specialist on dental office interior design, Patrick Crowley the author of Dental Office Design: 1001 Practical Tips For Creating Your Ideal Dental Office that has designed and built over 650 dental offices and Derek Lamprecht from U.S. Bank who will outline the tax benefits and financing options available for building a green dental office.

Several panels and presentations will be made on the technologies, including digital office technologies, now available to dentists that offer a path to reducing a practice’s costs, enhancing the customer experience while also reducing the practice’s environmental footprint. Noted presenters and panelists include Drs Mark Abramson, John Flucke, Marty Jablow and Paul Feuerstein.

The program will then shift to a focus upon the customer and work associates. Gary Takacs and Jack Hadley will present best practices on “Social Media and Marketing the Green Dental Practice.” Mary Govoni, RDH, will present on “Creating A Thriving Green Hygiene Program” to be followed by Tom Mitchell and Kevin Henry on “Leading the High Performance Team.”

All This Plus Sundance (And Maybe Robert Redford?)
I like working with green dentists. They truly have a sense of nature and a spiritual component in their lives and dental practices. While practical-me was thinking of hosting this event in a major metropolitan conference center the interest of the group was to host it in a location that embodied a passion for people and the preservation of the environment. They chose to host the Green Dentistry Conference at the Sundance Resort developed by Robert Redford. I am looking forward to conference breaks to enjoy a location that represents how mankind can conduct business in a manner that is respectful to the environment and embraces customers as human beings. And who knows, maybe Mr. Redford and I will bump into each other while walking the trails. Just in case I will have a copy of my novel, Electric Knights, that would make a great movie thriller staring Robert Redford (can’t help myself, I do live only a 90 minute drive south of Hollywood!). But if you are a dentist, and even if you don’t have a movie idea, do consider attending the Green Dentistry Conference on May 3 and 4 to learn proven best practices developed by your peers for winning customers and reducing costs through making a difference.

Bill Roth is an economist and the Founder of Earth 2017. He coaches business owners and leaders on proven best practices in pricing, marketing and operations that make money and create a positive difference. His book, The Secret Green Sauce, profiles business case studies of pioneering best practices that are proven to win customers and grow product revenues. Follow him on Twitter: @earth2017

About Bill Roth

Bill Roth is the founder of Earth 2017, author of The Secret Green Sauce and a nationally-followed contributor to, Triple Pundit, The Green Economy Post and Media Post on best business practices emerging from the smart, healthy and green global economy. He coaches entrepreneurs, business and community leaders on how to grow revenues, profits and jobs by going smart and green.
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  1. Jack Hadley says:

    Hi Bill. Just wanted to let you know what an awesome job I thought you did on your presentation at the Eco-Dentistry Conference this weekend. I learned a great deal from your presentation, as I believe everyone did at the conference. Looking forward to getting to know more about your work, and about Earth 2017. Let me know if I can ever be of help. Best, — Jack

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