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Massive Cost Savings Will Propel Electric Vehicle Economy

Electric vehicles, like the rest of the products emerging from the Green Economic Revolution, will win market share because they cost less. An electric vehicle economy, sold through a mobility as service (MaaS) business model, is poised to reshape our … Continue reading

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From Surf To Mountains In Electric Bolt

“I would have never tried that in my electric car!” That was the surprised reaction I received from an all electric Nissan Leaf owner after explaining how I had driven the Chevy Bolt over the Santa Rosa Mountain Range from … Continue reading

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Developing A Smart and Solar Medical Building

For too many American businesses, installing their own solar system is blocked by solar killing utility tariffs. Local permitting can also be a solar killer. For many permitting departments, a solar project gains extra attention despite being proven technologically with … Continue reading

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Two Keys To Successfully Installing Commercial Solar

Installing solar on your commercial building can make a lot of money. But it can also be a nightmare. What makes developing solar power such a hit or miss process? A key determining factor is how your utility prices electricity. … Continue reading

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Bolt Is The First All Electric Affordable Sports Car

GM loaned me an all electric Chevy Bolt for a long weekend test drive. My first reaction? Good looking four door sedan. Then I drove it. The Bolt is fast! That is not unique among among electric vehicles. I test … Continue reading

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How America’s Food Revolution Impacts Your Sales Success

The old recipe for business success was so simple. The three key ingredients were everyday low prices, convenience and uniform products. Think McDonalds. Low prices, drive-through windows and the same tasting of Big Mac sold around the world. Today, that … Continue reading

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Millennials and Food Tech Are DrivIng America’s Top Ten Food Trends

Millennials, and an explosion of healthier new products enabled through future tech, are driving America past sodas and fast foods. Tellingly, a beverage milestone was achieved while I attended the 2017 Natural Product Expo West. Americans are now buying more … Continue reading

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