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Will Business Tax Cut Create A Solar Boom

If I understand the new tax cuts, (and who really does given its 500 pages were written in a matter of days) then a business can immediately expense 100% of equipment investment against business income. That means no more capital … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Now Make Business Sense

Should your business consider buying an electric car? The time has arrived where the answer is yes! Electric car economics are now compelling. They cost less to fuel than gasoline engine cars. With no need for oil changes, and fewer … Continue reading

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How America’s Food Revolution Impacts Your Sales Success

The old recipe for business success was so simple. The three key ingredients were everyday low prices, convenience and uniform products. Think McDonalds. Low prices, drive-through windows and the same tasting of Big Mac sold around the world. Today, that … Continue reading

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California Proves Clean Tech Is Good Business

California is now the sixth largest economy in the world. It’s economy is twice the size of Texas. The state’s 3+% annual economic growth rate exceeds all other states and most countries. This scale of California’s economic success has been … Continue reading

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Can A Company Be Green If It Is Damaging Human Health

Newsweek has ranked Coca Cola as the ninth greenest company in the world. Coke earned this recognition by doing things like pioneering bioplastic bottles. But how does Newsweek’s recognition reconcile with their signature soda being “…considered a major contributor to … Continue reading

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Yoga Best Practices For Business: John Friend, Anusara

John Friend, founder of Anusara, is internationally recognized for working with businesses on using yoga to enable the success of their associates and company. In this video interview he surfaces best practices that companies have developed through allowing the practice … Continue reading

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Consumers Seeking Green Services: Part Two

The market research company named Mintel reports that consumer search for green services is exploding. They report a doubling in consumer search for green service providers like grocers and dry cleaners over the last two years. How can your business … Continue reading

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