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How Consumer Electronics Are Radically Redesigning Our Cars

Stop thinking of cars as a motor and wheels. Instead, think of cars in terms of computer chips, graphic cards and batteries. It is consumer electronics, rather than mechanical systems like combustion engines, that will define our vehicles in the … Continue reading

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MPG + Bio-Fuels = Consumer Savings, Energy Independence and Jobs!

The United States annually imports approximately 4.3 billion barrels of oil. This is hurting our economy by crushing our balance of payments which is contributing to the devaluation of the dollar. And oil prices are crushing consumers at the gasoline … Continue reading

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Hybrid Cars Like The Prius Experiencing Sales Boom With Higher Gasoline Prices

Boom. That is the sound of the explosion in hybrid car sales at car dealerships across America as consumers seek solutions to higher gasoline prices. Hybrid car sales are up 39%! The continued sales leader is the Toyota Prius. Any … Continue reading

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Why Gasoline Prices Are Higher, Part Two

What is driving your gasoline prices higher is the economy of oil that is very similar to the win/lose game of musical chairs. Part One explained that the first “chair” was oil supply that, when removed, drives your pump price … Continue reading

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58% Expect $5 Gasoline This Summer!

With record prices at the pump for this time of year and global concern over Mideast oil supplies is it a surprise that a majority of us expect to pay $5 per gallon at the pump this summer? Rasmussen Reports … Continue reading

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