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Southwest Airlines Integrated Reporting Best Practices

CFOs, you are now flying into uncharted reporting territory. The goods news is that the LUV airline has your back by posting their 2012 Southwest Airlines One Report. This report can be your template on how to design a report … Continue reading

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Green Revenue Opportunity: CFOs Focus Upon Top-Line Growth

The U.S. economy is trending toward economic expansion. In response, a new study by American Express found that over 50% of CFOs are now shifting their focus upon growing revenues. Even more strongly, 63% of CFO are focusing upon growing … Continue reading

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Dr. Letitia Wright: The Secret Green Sauce Is A California 9!

Dr. Letitia Wright, LA Business Book Review Examiner, wrote the following about The Secret Green Sauce: “This is a different way to thinking about the green market. Need a human resources plan? He covers it. Need to engage your CFO? … Continue reading

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