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Exclusive Interview: Clean Tech Investing Best Practices

How to make money investing in clean tech is still a work in progress. Numerous publications have recently pronounced clean tech investing in renewable energy, bio-fuels and green chemistry to be dead due to a 34% decline in venture capital … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Moore “Crossing The Chasm” Strategy For Winning Key Customers

Every start up company faces the challenge of winning that first customer. The typical strategy is to pursue as many customer leads as possible in a mass marketing campaign. The logic is that if you call upon 100 customers one … Continue reading

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China’s Gasoline Pump Prices Higher Than United States! Which Country Is More Committed To Cleantech and Electric Cars?

Who has a higher price at the pump, the United States or China? China! The average price at the pump in China is $4.50 per gallon. There is only one state, Hawaii, that comes close to this gasoline price per … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Business Opportunity: FIVE Cleantech Revenue Growth Mega Trends!

A new study entitled Clean Energy Trends 2011 produced by Clean Edge provides amazing documentation on the growth in cleantech purchases by American consumers. It is a must read for every entrepreneur and business seeking to grow revenues! Here’s just … Continue reading

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6 Million Jobs PLUS Guaranteed Savings!

Research on the U.S. and German solar industry suggests a permanent job is created for every six to nine homes that install a roof top solar system. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates there are almost 15 million unemployed … Continue reading

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