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Historic First As Renewable Energy Exceeds Nuclear Power

2007 was a technology milestone year. It was the year that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. 2017 may be viewed as a similar milestone year. For the first time in history, renewable energy supplied more electricity into the U.S. grid … Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency Vs. Coal Fired Electric Power Plant?

Ameren is an electric utility serving Missouri and Illinois. Ameren just announced a REDUCTION in the funding of its energy efficiency customer assistance. It is reducing this financial commitment from $25 million to $20 million. That’s a 20% reduction in … Continue reading

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Electricity Prices Rising Like Pump Prices!

The price at your meter is going up. Why? The first reason is that the price of fuel is higher and will continue to escalate in price. For example, coal fuels half of America’s electricity consumption. Today coal is a … Continue reading

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How close in price is renewable energy to fossil-fueled electricity? Closer than you think?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently released a study that found 850 utilities across the United States now offer some form of green energy program. In 2009 green energy sales by electric utilities exceeded 6 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) or … Continue reading

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One picture of our renewable energy future?

Is this picture our renewable energy future? Look at the technology deployed. There are the obvious solar panels. But there is also a battery storage system that would enable this outdoor light to operate at night using solar electricity generated … Continue reading

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