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Four Steps To A Thanksgiving Weight Loss Plan

Does Thanksgiving stress you out? It used to be so stressful for me. There is so much GREAT tasting food. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, YUM! Now I enjoy Thanksgiving stress-free. I can do so because I have a plan … Continue reading

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Millennials Are Pushing Fast Foods Off The Table

McDonald’s just reported a 3% revenue decline. This is a stunning reversal in the company’s history. From 2005 to 2013 McDonald’s grew revenues by almost 50% or $10 billion. Why did McDonald’s see their sales fall? In a word, millennials!

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Build Your Business Success With Six Green Best Practices

Did you know that today over a dozen companies sell more than a billion dollars EVERY YEAR in green products? Here are some examples: Costco is now the largest organic food retailer. They sell $4 billion of organic food annually. … Continue reading

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Clif Bar Proves That Corporate Social Responsibility Wins Customers

Clif Bar is proving that corporate social responsibility wins customers. They are growing at a 17% annual compounded growth rate. That is exceptional in an economy struggling to achieve 3% growth. Further so, they are achieving 17% compounded annual growth … Continue reading

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Green Giants Provide That Going Green Win Customers

Our 21st century economy is being reshaped by consumers searching for “in me, on me and around” solutions. Examples of this consumer activism abound. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds confront stagnate revenues as consumer search for foods that deliver on … Continue reading

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Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

There is a reason why we keep failing at sustained weight loss. We get motivated by the promise of losing ten pounds in ten days. But we fail because the focus is on performance. I know this is counterintuitive. Everything … Continue reading

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Global Mega-Cities Driving Sustainability, AI and IoT

At a recent Further With Ford event their futurist, Sheryl Connelly, talked about the growth of our world’s mega-cities. She used Beijing China as an example. Beijing has 20 million people living in its metropolitan area. A typical driving commute … Continue reading

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