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It Is Still A Green Economic Revolution

We have a new President. Regulations will be changed, diminished or eliminated. What has not changed is the growing consumer demand for goods and services that align value with values. What has not change is a disruptive, global technology revolution … Continue reading

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Three Surprising Reasons For Low Oil Prices

The smiles on our faces while pumping gasoline comes from a historic 50% fall in oil prices. Most news commentators point to an oil over supply as the reason. But that begs the question of why? Since 1974 OPEC (Organization … Continue reading

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The $250 Trillion Cost Of Climate Change And Obesity

The economic ramifications from continuing the 20th Century‚Äôs economic model, where unsustainable extraction and pollution conveys competitive advantage, is coming into sharp focus. Citigroup now projects a staggering $72 TRILLION global cost tied to man-made climate change during the 21st … Continue reading

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The $250 Trillion Green Economic Revolution

Climate change economics is emerging as a disruptive mega-trend driven by estimates that the cost of global climate change will be a staggering $72 trillion. This scale of cost is unprecedented in human history. The only comparative I could find … Continue reading

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Relative Strength: Regulatory Tax Risk Plus Higher Insurance Premiums Confronts The Economics Of Unsustainable Fuels And Technologies

“Ice loss in Antarctica increased by 75 percent in the last 10 years due to a speed-up in the flow of its glaciers and is now nearly as great as that observed in Greenland, according to a new, comprehensive study … Continue reading

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API Report: Gasoline Consumption Going UP With Higher Prices Highlights The Economic Requirement For Sustainable Solutions To Oil.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) reports a SURGE in gasoline deliveries at the very time gasoline prices are also surging. Can there be any better example that the United States must invest in sustainability to break its addiction to oil? … Continue reading

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MEGA-TREND: Inflationary Expectations, Part Two “The Solution”

Inflation is now taking place across the world and in the United States. Obvious examples include what we are paying at the pump and at the grocery store cash register. Why is inflation happening? On the surface the reasons appear … Continue reading

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