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Path To Energy Independence And A Climate Change Solution? More Women Cars Buyers And Fewer Men Car Buyers!! TOP TEN Cars Bought By Women And Men.

TrueCar.com has conducted research on the difference between what type of cars women buy and what type of cars men buy. Here’s the top ten cars that have at least 50% of their customers as women: Volkswagen New Beetle Kia … Continue reading

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MPG + Bio-Fuels = Consumer Savings, Energy Independence and Jobs!

The United States annually imports approximately 4.3 billion barrels of oil. This is hurting our economy by crushing our balance of payments which is contributing to the devaluation of the dollar. And oil prices are crushing consumers at the gasoline … Continue reading

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58% Expect $5 Gasoline This Summer!

With record prices at the pump for this time of year and global concern over Mideast oil supplies is it a surprise that a majority of us expect to pay $5 per gallon at the pump this summer? Rasmussen Reports … Continue reading

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Energy Independence Begins In California: Thousands Of New Vehicle Electric Charging and E-85 Fueling Station Coming This Year

The future of America’s car transportation has begun in California.

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