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The Problem Is Not Oil Price Speculation. The Problem Is No Energy Policy To End The United States’ Oil Addiction!

5% of Americans use mass transit in their daily commute. Burn that in your mind as most of us sit in our individual cars going bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic. Burn that statistic into your mind the next … Continue reading

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American Consumer’s Energy Policy: Conservation, Renewable Energy and Natural Gas

Americans are implementing conservation and energy efficiency in their homes. They see the benefits of solar, wind and natural gas as worth the risks. These are the just released findings from a new Harris Poll conducted in February 2011. A … Continue reading

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Oil Price Winners and Losers, Part One: TOP TEN

Who are the economic winners as oil soars above $115 per barrel with new reports of battles in Libya restricting oil deliveries? The obvious starting point for answering that question is to list the top ten countries that import oil … Continue reading

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