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Environmental Protection = 1% of Federal Budget

The government ran the largest-ever budget deficit for a single month in February, 2011. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the annual deficit to be $1.85 trillion. This represents the third straight year of trillion dollar deficits. My professional opinion as … Continue reading

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Green TV: New EPA Energy Star Standards Puts Money In Your Pocket!

Thinking about buying a new TV? Here’s some good news in terms of your electricity costs and environmental impacts tied to watching TV. The EPA has set new energy efficiency standards under its Energy Star label that requires televisions to … Continue reading

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Clean Air Act Reduces Pollution Saving Lives and Dollars

As an economist I believe that free markets are one of mankind’s greatest inventions. As a professional economist I have actually read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nation’s that is often cited in support of both free markets and reduced government … Continue reading

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America’s TOP TEN Most Toxic Cities

Forbes.com has just released their findings on America’s most toxic cities. Here’s they are: Philadelphia Bakersfield Fresno New York Baton Rouge Los Angeles Houston St. Louis Salt Lake City Riverside. This research drew upon the findings of the EPA Air … Continue reading

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Top Ten Cities With Energy Star Buildings

Here’s the EPA’s 2009 list of top ten cities with the largest number of Energy Star labeled buildings: Los Angeles Washington, D.C. San Francisco Denver Chicago Houston Lakeland Dallas-Fort Worth Atlanta New York EPA first issued its ranking of cities … Continue reading

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