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How America’s Food Revolution Impacts Your Sales Success

The old recipe for business success was so simple. The three key ingredients were everyday low prices, convenience and uniform products. Think McDonalds. Low prices, drive-through windows and the same tasting of Big Mac sold around the world. Today, that … Continue reading

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How The U.K. Is Fighting Obesity And Added Sugar

We are in a national weight crisis. Obesity death rates now approximate those tied to smoking. Maybe the most chilling fact tied to our weight crisis is that 17% of our children are obese. Obese children have a higher risk … Continue reading

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Three Consumers That Will Drive Your 2014 Sales Success

Three key consumer groups with over $10 Trillion of annual buying power will determine your company’s sales success in 2014. Financially pressed by our slow growth economy they are keenly focused upon value. But informed through social media, they have … Continue reading

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B2We! Five Best Practices For Connecting With Customers Seeking Smart, Healthy and Green Solutions

B2We. Business To “We.” That is the inspiration of a newly posted TEDxSF video entitled WE-defining ME. Two mega-trends are combining to create a green economic revolution. One mega-trend is social media. It is WE in action. Much of what … Continue reading

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Moms (Concerned Caregivers!) Going Green Using Smartphones!

If you have a business selling to moms memorize this statistic developed by BabyCenter®: MOMS ARE 18% MORE LIKELY THAN AVERAGE TO HAVE A SMARTPHONE, and 51% of moms say they are “addicted to their smartphone! And what has motivated … Continue reading

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