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Sustainable Solution For Restoring Jobs, Economy, Stock Prices and Human Health

We have tried the “Quick Fixes” and they have failed. Government efforts of throwing money at our structural problems have not restored our economy and jobs. The path to restoring our economy, jobs and human health is to address the … Continue reading

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MPG + Bio-Fuels = Consumer Savings, Energy Independence and Jobs!

The United States annually imports approximately 4.3 billion barrels of oil. This is hurting our economy by crushing our balance of payments which is contributing to the devaluation of the dollar. And oil prices are crushing consumers at the gasoline … Continue reading

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Why Gasoline Prices Are Higher, Part Two

What is driving your gasoline prices higher is the economy of oil that is very similar to the win/lose game of musical chairs. Part One explained that the first “chair” was oil supply that, when removed, drives your pump price … Continue reading

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Why Gasoline Prices Are Higher-Part One

Have you ever played musical chairs? Now imagine playing the game where you can buy a seat. That is what is happening at your gasoline pump. The first “chair” of oil that is being removed is supply. Whether it is … Continue reading

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