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How The U.K. Is Fighting Obesity And Added Sugar

We are in a national weight crisis. Obesity death rates now approximate those tied to smoking. Maybe the most chilling fact tied to our weight crisis is that 17% of our children are obese. Obese children have a higher risk … Continue reading

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Obesity Death Rate Now Approximates Smoking

Linking Big Food’s health impacts to those of cigarettes is based on the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) analysis of our national weight gain. Our national weigh crisis is now a health epidemic. It is literally killing us. 300,000 Americans … Continue reading

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The $250 Trillion Cost Of Climate Change And Obesity

The economic ramifications from continuing the 20th Century’s economic model, where unsustainable extraction and pollution conveys competitive advantage, is coming into sharp focus. Citigroup now projects a staggering $72 TRILLION global cost tied to man-made climate change during the 21st … Continue reading

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Five CSR Game Changers That Will Drive 2014 Profits

In 2013 corporate social responsibility moved from “do good” actions to being a business best practice. The following five 2014 CSR game changers will accelerate the links between profits, environmental responsibility and social good:

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10 Fattest States In America!

Gallop just released a poll and the results are not pretty. 26% of Americans are obese. And here’s TEN “FATTEST STATES” IN AMERICA: West Virginia Mississippi Kentucky South Carolina Louisiana Arkansas Oklahoma Alabama South Dakota Tennessee. In West Virginia one out … Continue reading

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Obesity Rate Growing Along With Diabetes

26 MILLION adults and children have diabetes in the United States. Diabetes is the underlying or contributing cause for a quarter million deaths a year. If you are looking for a reason for our high health care costs, look no … Continue reading

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BEST PRACTICES: How Nest-Collective Sells Health!

Linking with Concerned Caregivers is a powerful “secret sauce” for many of the successful businesses in my network that are experiencing significant revenue growth. Here’s yet another example of such a business called the Nest Collective. Sheryl O’Loughlin, the company’s … Continue reading

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