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Three Surprising Reasons For Low Oil Prices

The smiles on our faces while pumping gasoline comes from a historic 50% fall in oil prices. Most news commentators point to an oil over supply as the reason. But that begs the question of why? Since 1974 OPEC (Organization … Continue reading

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Oil Economics: Increased Supply But Higher Prices Plus Global Warming

The International Energy Agency (IEA) World Energy Outlook for 2012 has received tremendous media attention by forecasting that the U.S. is posed to displace Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. This is great news for our economy because … Continue reading

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Solar Price Fall Equals $10 Oil Prices!

Bloomberg reports that “If oil prices fell from their 2008 peak as far as solar component prices have, a barrel of oil would cost about $10 – a 93 percent drop.” The fall in price of cleantech and the soaring … Continue reading

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Relative Strength Pushes Oil Prices Back Above $100 Per Barrel

Much news was made of the May 6 drop in oil prices and projection of falling gasoline prices. Like any globally traded commodity oil will see periods of price decline. It happened in the 1980′s and again in the 1990′s. … Continue reading

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API Report: Gasoline Consumption Going UP With Higher Prices Highlights The Economic Requirement For Sustainable Solutions To Oil.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) reports a SURGE in gasoline deliveries at the very time gasoline prices are also surging. Can there be any better example that the United States must invest in sustainability to break its addiction to oil? … Continue reading

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Oil Prices Fuel U.S. AND China’s Trade Deficits

The price of oil continues to take a large bite out of America’s economy. Now it is also having a similar impact upon China’s economy. The United States had its largest trade deficit in 6 months in January, 2011. It … Continue reading

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Oil Price Winners and Losers, Part Two: Car Manufacturers

There will be winners in the spike in oil and gasoline prices beside oil companies and oil importing countries. One winner that might seem surprising is our car companies. Typically when a pocket-book commodity like gasoline spikes in prices the … Continue reading

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