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Utilities Fighting Lower Electric Bill Zombie Apocalypse

Has this summer’s heat waves got you worrying about a high electric bill? Your electric utility is worried too. But in a different way. Increasingly, clean technologies like solar, batteries and smart appliances are costing less due to global growth … Continue reading

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Utility Smart Grid And Smart Meters: Where’s The Savings For Electricity Customers?

The smart grid and smart meter are great ideas. The smart grid and meter is suppose to connect information technology to meters so consumers can actually see in real time what they are spending and how to save money. So … Continue reading

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Oil Price Winners and Losers, Part Four: SMART Jobs!

Oil prices up, American economy down, right? Not necessarily! The Japanese and German economies have much higher prices at the pump. Japan is the world’s third largest economy. German is the world’s second largest exporter. High oil prices and pump … Continue reading

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Electricity Prices Rising Like Pump Prices!

The price at your meter is going up. Why? The first reason is that the price of fuel is higher and will continue to escalate in price. For example, coal fuels half of America’s electricity consumption. Today coal is a … Continue reading

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Smart Grid, Revolution or Revolt?

In the mid-1990’s while serving as the General Marketing Manager for Georgia Power I had the honor of managing the team of exceptionally bright people that designed an industry-pioneering meter-linked, integrated real time pricing/demand side management program. Today I understand … Continue reading

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