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Global Mega-Cities Driving Sustainability, AI and IoT

At a recent Further With Ford event their futurist, Sheryl Connelly, talked about the growth of our world’s mega-cities. She used Beijing China as an example. Beijing has 20 million people living in its metropolitan area. A typical driving commute … Continue reading

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B2We! Five Best Practices For Connecting With Customers Seeking Smart, Healthy and Green Solutions

B2We. Business To “We.” That is the inspiration of a newly posted TEDxSF video entitled WE-defining ME. Two mega-trends are combining to create a green economic revolution. One mega-trend is social media. It is WE in action. Much of what … Continue reading

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“New Consumer” Is Propelling Smart, Healthy And Green Economy: Part One

Looking to grow revenues? BBMG’s new study entitled Unleashed: How New Consumers Will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability documents the mega-trend business opportunity that Earth 2017 projects will be a global $10 trillion annual revenue economy for smart, healthy and … Continue reading

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Oil Price Winners and Losers, Part Four: SMART Jobs!

Oil prices up, American economy down, right? Not necessarily! The Japanese and German economies have much higher prices at the pump. Japan is the world’s third largest economy. German is the world’s second largest exporter. High oil prices and pump … Continue reading

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