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How The U.K. Is Fighting Obesity And Added Sugar

We are in a national weight crisis. Obesity death rates now approximate those tied to smoking. Maybe the most chilling fact tied to our weight crisis is that 17% of our children are obese. Obese children have a higher risk … Continue reading

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How I Survived My First Spin Class

It rained in San Diego. Actually it poured. Five inches in five days. Five inches of rain in San Diego is like two feet of snow in New York City. Drivers lose their minds and control of their cars. With … Continue reading

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Six Disruptions Impacting Your Business In 2017

We enter 2017 with six disruptive changes that achieved critical mass in 2016. Any one of them has the power to forever change our country. The synergy of all six of these disruptive changes will reshape the path for winning … Continue reading

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Weight Loss While Having Holiday Fun

Is this picture what you expected from someone talking about weight loss? It’s the Holidays. I am having fun. This picture is me enjoying sinfully wonderful homemade ice cream and TWO just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. How … Continue reading

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Four Steps To A Thanksgiving Weight Loss Plan

Does Thanksgiving stress you out? It used to be so stressful for me. There is so much GREAT tasting food. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, YUM! Now I enjoy Thanksgiving stress-free. I can do so because I have a plan … Continue reading

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Shocking Insights On The Food We Eat

A new study was published that found eating broccoli and avocados will make us look younger! And it gets even better. Research has found that the nicotinamide mono nucleotide in these foods, when consumed at a heavy dosage, delivers these … Continue reading

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Millennials Are Pushing Fast Foods Off The Table

McDonald’s just reported a 3% revenue decline. This is a stunning reversal in the company’s history. From 2005 to 2013 McDonald’s grew revenues by almost 50% or $10 billion. Why did McDonald’s see their sales fall? In a word, millennials!

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