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Health Concern: Plastics In Fish!

The next time you bite into your favorite ocean-sourced fish please think about this, could you be ingesting plastic? The Southern California Coastal Water Research Project sampled fish in the Northern Pacific. They found that 35% of the fish had … Continue reading

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Obesity Rate Growing Along With Diabetes

26 MILLION adults and children have diabetes in the United States. Diabetes is the underlying or contributing cause for a quarter million deaths a year. If you are looking for a reason for our high health care costs, look no … Continue reading

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Oil Price Winners and Losers, Part Three: Health

Oil companies and oil importing countries are harvesting billions of dollars with the spike in oil prices. They are obvious winners. But there is a surprising positive side to oil spiking in price. It holds the potential of improving our … Continue reading

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Selling To Wellness Customers

TrendWatching.com identifies the rise of the “wellthy” as a major 2011 Consumer Trend. These consumers hold being in good health to be as important to their status as owning the newest or shiniest branded luxury item. The Hartman Group August … Continue reading

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Half Of All Dads Seeking Sustainable, Healthier Products

Revenue growth is the spark America’s businesses need to begin re-hiring again, which in turn, will recharge our economy’s growth. The poster child of our current revenue situation has been Walmart’s same store sales revenues falling for the last 5 … Continue reading

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De-risking, Sustainability, Wellness and The Tea Party

“De-risking” has leaped into the common vernacular as home foreclosures and live streaming of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico dominate the news. While not uniform in its emerging application, derisking can be defined as our questioning of behaviors, … Continue reading

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