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Four Drivers Propelling Clean Tech’s Growth

PG&E is one of our nation’s largest electric utilities. It has recently proposed retiring its nuclear power plant that began commercial operations in 1985. PG&E’s stated reasons is that this plant “no longer fits the needed generation profile of the … Continue reading

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China’s 20% Renewable Energy Commitment Challenges U.S. Electric Utility Industry

The U.S. electric utility industry now confronts a new disruptive business reality from China’s announced commitment to source twenty percent of its energy from renewable technologies like solar and wind. This commitment is not a “non-binding charade” as characterized by … Continue reading

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Army Green: $7 Billion Renewable Energy RFP!

The U.S. Army just released an RFP for $7 billion in new renewable energy contracts. The ramifications created from this DOD effort for your home or business could be as meaningful as the military’s leadership implementing the world wide web. … Continue reading

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American Consumer’s Energy Policy: Conservation, Renewable Energy and Natural Gas

Americans are implementing conservation and energy efficiency in their homes. They see the benefits of solar, wind and natural gas as worth the risks. These are the just released findings from a new Harris Poll conducted in February 2011. A … Continue reading

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U.S. Farmers Go Solar!

America’s farmers lead the world in the adoption of innovation and technology. And one technology they are embracing is solar power! The United States Department of Agriculture conducted a study entitled On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Survey. Here’s a summary of … Continue reading

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Unsustaianability-A Threat To America!

This is NOT supposed to happen. Stocks, gold and bonds are ALL going up in price while unemployment rises and signs of inflation from food to tires are surfacing. The reason for this freak moment in economics is “UNSUSTAINABILITY.” Unsustainability … Continue reading

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GE ecomagination’s Steve Fludder: Growing Green Revenues To $20 Billion Annually!

Steve Fludder is the senior officer managing the global growth of the GE ecomagination business unit. Under Steve’s leadership GE ecomagination anticipates growing their 2010 green product annual revenues to $20 billion. This video interview outlines the disciplines and business … Continue reading

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